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We have a lot of fun with E’s hair. She’s our first girl to have enough that it needs tending to. (And, I so have to get it on video, because she gets her hair out of her face and it’s the cutest ever!!! The older two still don’t know how to do it because their hair took so long to grow!)

When I give her crooked pigtails, first I die from the cuteness all over again…

crooked pigtails

But when I take those “piggies” out, her hair tends to stay pretty much where I left it…which equals more smiles. (Mr. Serious says she’s got Princess Leia hair).

Crazy hair e

(Seriously, she’s not going to be my baby in just a few weeks…I’m not ready at all!).

And, because we are talking about hair, I have to post my new headshot picture! I had a blowout done last week (thanks @JaMonkey for the invite) and had my makeup touched up. So I had to get a picture. Good hair for the win! 

Good hair, k

(Yes, my hair creases just like E’s, too. If I pull it back, it has a big line until I wash it!).


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  1. You are just the cutest thing, and you deserved that relaxing blow-out. LOVE how E’s hair stays put like that after the holders are taken out. LOLOLOL

  2. GREAT new headshot – so pretty! Where is the dry bar? I need to head that way! 🙂

  3. I love her little pigtales – and her smile is infectious! I wish my little boy would smile for the camera like that. I love your hair, by the way — very nice headshot!!

  4. You look beautiful and I love the pigtails in kids hair so cute I just can’t part straight

  5. Your model is adorable! She has a captivating smile, and you are cute as well!

  6. oh my GOSH how cute is she with her piggies and the piggie remnants?? adorable.

    your blow out looks marvelous too!

  7. What a beautiful headshot! Your blow-out came out perfect, and I can see where your daughter got her hair color from. She’s a total cutie.

  8. She is so cute! Both of my girls had a ton of hair so I’m used to crazy piggies lol. And you look amazing btw!

  9. You look absolutely gorgeous and your daughter is such a cutie! I love that her hair stays in place after you take her piggies out… adorable!

  10. Her pigtails are so cute! Sometimes I pull my boys’ hair into them, though I don’t leave them there.

    Love your blowout- looks so pretty!

  11. LOL I love how similar the two of you look! She is so adorable, and even if she is getting bigger, she will always be your baby! You can just tell what a happy kid she is from these pictures.

  12. I just can’t stand the cuteness! She is adorable, can’t wait until my girls are old enough for pigtails! You look fab too!

  13. It is always interesting to hear about the things that mothers and children have in common that one normally does not think about.

  14. OMG that smile is the best. My hair does the same thing. It’s too thin and just does what it wants.

  15. katherine says:

    Your daughter is so adorable and she looks just like you!

  16. She is just too adorable! I love the pigtails. My daughter had pretty much no hair until she was almost three so I’m always obsessed with cute little pigtails like that!

  17. She is very cute. I love when I was able to put pigtails in my daughter’s hair.

  18. Oh she is absolutely adorable! The pigtails makes her too cute on top of everything too.

  19. Her pig tails are adorable!!!! And your hair cut looks really nice!

  20. such a sweetheart mama!!

    and you already know how much i love your hair!!

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