I’m running out of space!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.


I’m in the home stretch as they like to call it (who is this they, and what does the “home stretch” mean anyways? I’ve hit 37 weeks. Technically, I’m full term. But, I assure you, while I am slightly uncomfortable, I know the best place for her is snug in her little apartment for a few more weeks! So, I’m hoping and praying that’s where she stays.

In the mean time, I just wish I had a little more space. Oh, maybe like 25% more space. I can feel little B kicking from one end of my uterus clear to the other. Most of the time simultaneously! I just wish there was a little more space in the old body. But, let’s be honest, if we all didn’t get uncomfortable towards the end, we wouldn’t ever want those sweet little babes to make their appearance. Because pretty soon, I’m going to be asking for more sleep and rest, and likely more arms and lap space.

I know in just a couple short weeks, I will miss the bump and the belly kicks, so I’m trying my best to savor each and every one of them. And, not complain when I have a hard time getting up from a seated position!

#MoreIsBetter Cottonelle

Simply put, most of the time, more is better. More Christmas desserts? More Christmas treats? More Christmas cinnamon rolls? Yes, more is definitely better! Having 25 percent more of these things (even with my diminished belly space) this holiday season can make a big impact. Follow the conversation on Twitter at #MoreIsBetter.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cottonelle.

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  1. mrs. hils says:

    Did I happen to mention to you that a woman I work with just became aquainted with her “little” 13 pound one ouncer? She missed the Georgia record for heaviest baby by 10 ounces! She couldn’t even eat half a salad at lunch because there was no place for it to go! The docs thought he was only 10 1/2 pounds! She was definitely feeling your pain. 🙂

  2. mrs. hils says:

    That was a lot of exclamation points!

  3. The home stretch refers to the distance between 3rd plate and home, where you would “stretch” your legs and REALLY run! 🙂 Here’s to hoping that some Xmas magic will make your belly expand a bit more for comfort! Or maybe make you taller.. there’s more room that way, too!

  4. It sounds like you are going to have the perfect little Christmas gift! I do hope she stays nice and snug until you’re ready though, these moments seem to take the longest but then are gone before you know it! Wouldn’t we all just love 25% more! (except in the pounds gained from holiday snacking category _ I could do with 25% less there! lol!)

  5. Good-luck and congrats! Like me I am sure you will always be looking for at least 25% more sleep!

  6. Time went by fast and it’s almost time to greet the new addition. Any day now will be nice if you have the baby on my birthday next week lol.

  7. I could use some more time in my day. Even just 25 minutes, let alone 25% more time! Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway, I just went and entered!

  8. I am right there with you! At 38 weeks, I’d like a little more abdominal room, sleep, and time. I feel like I’m still not ready, and I’ve been too uncomfortable, tired, and excited to sleep here lately.

  9. You are too cute, I am loving your dress! More is definitely better like Cottenelle says and even though I’m not pregnant I could definitely use a little more space 😉

  10. I remember this feeling well! Soon she’ll be here and the uncomfortable jabs will be a distant memory. 😉 (Oh and I was wishing for more sleep for 15 months. I finally got it, but wow. What a rough 15 months!)

  11. You look adorable and I’m obsessed with your dress! Enjoy these last few weeks of your pregnancy!

  12. Yes more is generally better! I would love to have a little more room in our house for a playroom. You look great by the way!

  13. I’m so excited for you….so close! I’m always thinking I wish I had MORE time in my day!

  14. You’ll actually will get more space before the year is up! Or you’ll be evicting her soon.

  15. first LOL at this. i know that feeling so so well.

    but also? my belly was that size at like 4 minutes pregnant

  16. It’s so exciting that you’re nearly to the point when you’ll be holding your sweet baby! I do remember how they take advantage of every stinkin’ centimeter in there though!

  17. Aww I would agree that most moms to be would love 25% more room in these final weeks. Good luck to you and wishing you a fast and safe delivery!

  18. Awe! Super cute! I don’t blame you, around that time I was wishing for more space too.

  19. katherine says:

    Wow, it’s almost time for her to come out! I remember when I couldn’t even see my own feet!

  20. Enjoy your need for space now, because in a few days your will be having a lack of sleep, free time, and maybe sanity. Have always loved Cottonelle, but psyched to knew they have 25% more sheets per roll. Thanks for the tip.

  21. I would love 25% more space in my bed! While I am not pregnant, I was getting kicked in the stomach all night long, too. My oldest has been sick, and while we generally don’t let the kids sleep in our bed, I was a bit worried about him and wanted him close… unfortunately, that means that neither my husband nor I got any sleep. I have no idea how a little 4-year-old can take up so very much space!

    Can’t wait to meet Little B on your blog. I will be keeping an eye out for her.

  22. Hahahaha! I remember feeling that way. I had two big babies so the last few weeks of each pregnancy I had 0 leftover space for anything. Even my own organs were squished. Who needs to eat, right? Now that I am not pregnant, I think I would like 25% more space, but in my kitchen and on my counters!

  23. “Home stretch” is horse racing terminology (my dad goes to enough horse races, lol), and means that you’re almost close to finish line. I’m not sure why and how people started using the term for pregnancy, though. 😉 ~lol~ But anyways, you look great, and I love that dress! 🙂

  24. As uncomfortable as I was, I also loved the end of my pregnancy. It was the first time I could wear more body-conscious clothes without feeling fat. 🙂

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