She thinks she’s funny…


She thinks she’s hilarious.

She tells the worst knock-knock jokes.

“Knock-knock.  Who’s there? Glasses.  Glasses who?  Glasses eat a peanut butter sandwich with necklaces.”


Pre-K Graduation

She totally looks like she’s doing stand up here.  Really, she’s not.  She’s doing her end of the year poem at graduation.  Just a glimpse, I’m sure.

She thinks she’s funny.

She does a little dance and shakes her “bum” and sings the silliest songs.

Something socially awkward about that.


She is funny.

I ask #1 to please get me a fork.

Before she asks, I tell her it doesn’t matter which size (we have salad and dinner forks, and she obsesses over which ones are for which people; I just want a fork).

She walks over to me, and sets a fork down next to my plate.

I look at it.

She brought me the tiniest silver baby fork we still have in our drawer.

I had a great laugh.

Now, that’s funny.


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  1. When MM first discovered knock knock jokes it was like the biggest event of the century for him and some of the worst knock knock jokes ever quickly followed lol

  2. She really IS funny. I definitely laughed out loud at that. My girls tell pretty awful little knock-knock jokes too and if they call me a Booty Butt one more time, I might just die laughing.

    1. We’ve had to ban all things “booty” and “bum” because it was getting out of hand…they however, still think it’s hilarious.

  3. Her humor is only going to get better. Girls don’t get into potty humor like boys though, do they? *sign*

  4. She sounds like such fun! How wonderful that she finds humor and joy in small things like forks.

    1. Most of the time, she’s a hoot! And, she definitely finds joy in so many things.

  5. Hi from your newest google and facebook fan, saw you on wednesday linky.

  6. grandma Pat says:

    such a silly girl – she looks so cute in her cap and gown – that blue looks great on her

  7. Cute! You know what I think would be even funnier? Getting her and my preschooler together to tell non-jokes! My kid will laugh before someone even gets to the punchline!

    1. Oh, that would be trouble! It’s like when she gets together with her friends. They laugh without hardly saying a word!

  8. My son also had – and actually sometimes still has – trouble with telling jokes. My husband and I have a good sense of humour but we found it hard to laugh at his ‘jokes’. Now that he’s older we’re joking about it of course 😉

    1. It’s hard to laugh, too, because they are sooo out there and not funny at all! And, I don’t want to encourage the bad ones!

  9. My eight year old has the exact same sense of humor. If I ask her to set the table, when it’s time to sit down, we’ll find things completely in the wrong places, plates or bowls upside down, or dinnerware towers that could put architechs to shame. I figure that she has either the silly humor of standup comic or it’s a clever scheme to limit the amount of times we ask her to do anything.

    1. Oh, it could definitely be both of those…either way, I think it’s pretty funny, too:)

  10. Hehe. What a silly. Always keeping you on your toes! 🙂

  11. i love their sense of humor…they are so darn silly!!

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