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It’s been too quiet around here before. That quiet that is deafening because you know something is going on. You know they are in trouble.

There was the same kind of quiet the other day…when the oldest was supposed to be doing her homework. Usually that means they’ve snuck off somewhere and they are playing instead of doing what they are supposed to do.

Instead? They were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing. The oldest was writing her spelling words (just figured out she’s like her mommy and this is the best way she learns the words. She’s done well with spelling tests, but this makes it a whole lot less painful for all parties involved).

The youngest went and got herself some paper and was practicing writing her name (she’s been spelling her name for a while), but the lower case “e” has been tricky for her.

homework time.JPG

But she’s got her own drive, and she has practiced and practiced and she’s got it down! Now, we just have to work on starting on the far left of the page so her whole name fits.

name writing

This time, I was quite pleased with the quiet.  If only the quiet was always this productive.


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  1. Aww, your sweet, studious girls! My Lily does a similar downward name when she runs out of room 🙂

    1. She’s already getting good at starting further on the left..I love watching the process.

    1. Oh, it totally was…but it really hasn’t been too stormy:)

    1. I was so impressed when she wanted to keep practicing, too!

  2. Mr. Serious says:

    I love that the girls are motivated. That’s the little mommy in them. Nat is so cute when she writes while laying on the floor. Great pic.

  3. Oh glorious, GOOD quite. How we love you so! 😉 And yay for N spelling her name, that is fabulous!!

    1. Yes, the good quiet is totally awesome…unfortunately, you don’t know what kind it is until it’s usually too late.

  4. oh for the love of productive quiet … such a beautiful thing!

  5. What a great picture! And she is writing her name! You caught them in action, love those moments!

  6. How wonderful! You gotta love life’s little surprises. You must be so proud of those two smart girls!

  7. I get nervous when it is too quiet, too. It always means someone is getting into something. The one time it was too quiet then I was surrounded by the smell of peanut butter, they managed to unscrew the cover for our heat return vent and send a peanut butter sandwich into the heating system. Of course I was preggo and spent the next week craving peanut butter cups.

  8. grandma Pat says:

    Future scholars in the making. Just like Mommy and Daddy. The picture is very cute. They are such smart girls.

  9. I am IMPRESSED! There is ALWAYS trouble around here when its quiet! 😉 And that little e is a hard one to master-Evan had issues with it too when he was learning all of his letters.

  10. Dang it – these pictures are cute but I was hoping there would be a baby post here. Wishing you a wonderful labor and a really sleepy baby :)))

  11. That is AWESOME!!!! Cherish those moments. They don’t come often enough. 😉

  12. Such a cute moment you captured in that photo. I have to admit that I miss the little quirky name arrangement from this stage. Each letter is so intentional…and she seems to have uc and lc down. I was almost sad the day that my William stoped putting the big dot on top of his “i” and interlocking his “l”s.

    Getting very excited for the new addition to your family!

  13. That is so sweet they are working nicely and quietly together! If my grandson gets quiet, I should definitely be worried!!

    1. 9/10 times it’s true here, too…maybe it’s a sign they are getting older?

  14. Betty Baez says:

    Aaww I would’ve thought the same as you

  15. Anti-Supermom says:

    Totally not what I expected from two quiet little girls, but lucky you, it turns out to be one of those ‘of so proud’ moments instead!

    1. Thank goodness..because history shows it could have been a disaster!

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