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If you haven’t noticed, there is always drama in my stories.  Always.  So, this one is no different (and yes, there are pictures below:)

For Christmas, our friends got the girls walkie-talkies.  But, they didn’t work despite coming with batteries.  And, they took watch batteries, so we didn’t have any on hand to swap them out.

We were given the gift receipt and headed to TRU (which isn’t close to our house).  We decided to get something else that didn’t take watch batteries, so they were batteries we had on hand.

(Friend who purchased said gift…this really is funny…and the girls liked it….mommy convinced them to get something else because of the batteries).

After walking around the store for 30 minutes (seriously, what was I thinking letting a 5 year old decide what to get with her store credit), and me complaining about how hungry I was, I convinced them to pick the Ele-FUN game.  The game with the elephant that shoots butterflies out his snout and you have to catch them.  I played it when I watched some kids one time and it was a riot. I thought they would love it.

I noticed the box said “batteries not included” and I swear it said “AA”.  I just bought a ton of those, so we were good to go.  We headed off to dinner (thanks to my step-brother for a dining out gift card) and had a nice time.

I told the girls we’d play when we got home.  I’ll admit, I was quite excited to play with them.

Got home. Grabbed the box and saw that it takes C batteries.  We never have those on hand (except with an infant, because everything infant takes those batteries…swing, bouncy seat, aquarium in the crib), but sent Mr. Serious to look.  He looks and we have three.  How many do we need?  Four.  Dang it.  So, we play another game instead with the promise of me getting some C batteries in the morning.

In the morning, I did just like I said, I went to the store (I had to pick up some pictures, too) and grabbed the C batteries.  We unpacked ele-FUN and I kid you not, the oldest puts him on the floor, switches it to “on” and it starts blowing.


The box clearly says “batteries NOT included.”  Now it works after all this trouble?

So, we set the game up with the current batteries.  But, it doesn’t turn on.  Does the 5 year old have the magic touch?  Turns out they were name brand batteries, so I start cursing TRU because they obviously had the toy returned to them for not working and the person forgot to remove their batteries.

We try with the new batteries. Flip the switch and nothing.  What is going on?

So, we take out our new batteries, put in the ones that were in it and get ready to box it up to take it back to the store (and I plan out my choice words for the poor person at TRU) because not only are my girls disappointed, but I’m disappointed, and now I have to drive back to the store, a good 25-30 minutes away.

As Mr. Serious is taking out our new batteries and putting in the old ones, I hear him say “hold on a minute..hold on a minute.”

What?  What?  Did you figure it out?

Oh, look at that, there’s a little button on the bottom that only allows it to work when it’s placed on a hard surface (who doesn’t want little plastic butterflies shot in their eyes).

We plopped it down on the floor, new batteries installed and we were able to play!  Hallelujah!  The choirs sing and the angels rejoice (well, okay, at least I did).

And, all of that drama and frustration?  Totally worth it!

Even if the youngest stands on a chair or the couch because she’s convinced the only way to catch them is standing right next to his trunk.

fun with elefun

Even if daddy sometimes tries to catch the butterflies before they can.

fun with elefun

Especially when they catch them all on their own.

fun with elefun

Even when they go after the same ones.

fun with elefun

Yep, it was all totally worth it to see the joy on their faces as they play the game.  The best part?  They can set the whole thing up and play it on their own without any help at all!

*Please ignore the clothes on the floor (hey, at least they are clean and folded), the random blankets on the couch (it was 22 degrees outside when we woke up), the pillows on the floor (the girls constantly move them around), and the tissues on the table (cold weather=runny noses).

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  1. heehee.. not sure I would’ve noticed anything unless you pointed it out 😉
    (life happens 🙂

    LOVE that game and all of my kids have as well 🙂

  2. seriously who ever invented this game is a genius!!

    the littles love it!!

  3. What a hard time you had. Glad everything worked out though. I know how hard it can be as a child when you can’t play with your gifts right away. Bummer. Looks like they had a great time with it. I wouldn’t have even noticed the “mess” if you hadn’t brought it up. Right now, at 32 weeks pregnant, my house is about a disaster.
    Would love for you to stop by and share

    1. So glad I didn’t venture to the store to return it, too!

  4. We love ELE-Fun-sorry you had so much drama! Maybe I will pull it out today!! I hope we have batteries 🙂 Like the messy house disclaimer 🙂 I dont think I would have noticed!

    1. Hope you got it out and had fun…just imagine in a couple years! Ahhh…that will be a blast!

  5. That does look like a lot of fun – glad it was worth all the hassle and that Mr. Serious was able to figure it out and save the day!

    1. So thankful he figured it out. I would have felt like an idiot if I tried to return it, too!

  6. grandma Pat says:

    I love all your funny drama stories. I am sure at the time you are not laughing but when you put them on paper they are. N’s tights are great. Couldn’t really figure out how the game works but it sure does look like the girls are having fun with it.

    1. It has a little fan in the bottom that blows up the trunk, as it blows, “butterflies” come out of the trunk and they have to catch them before they fall on the floor.

  7. Wow! That sounded exhausting but at least you all got it working! They really do look like they had a blast! Makes me want a game like that…yeah me, the mom, not the kid! Lol!

  8. Your living room looks like mine!!! LOL What a cute game… I’m sure my son would love this too. Gotta pick this up next time I’m out.

    1. Yes, you totally should! Glad our living room is in good company!

  9. PHEW, I’m exhausted just reading that! Looks like I have to get this game kids would love it!

  10. We love that game! Glad it worked! Sammy knows the switch and will hold it down and blow butterflies in your face.. just a little fyi 😉

  11. We have this game too and lets just say its a different scene with little boys. They really are very competitive. LOL. Glad you were able to get it working!

  12. We have definitely been through battery drama around here before. So frustrating!!!!

    So glad the toy worked! It looks so cute! I might have to get that one for the kiddos too! 🙂

    1. Yes, you should definitely get it! It’s a blast for them…and it does come with 4 nets:)

      After this, I went and bought the biggest packages of all sizes of batteries, so we should be set for a little while.

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