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With my oldest daughter, I had no idea about teaching babies sign language until they went to daycare. Fortunately, daycare taught her many of the signs she would need to communicate with us…and taught us what they meant, too.

With E, we knew we wanted to do the same thing. It’s amazing how much frustration can be removed when they can communicate with you that they want more milk, or they are all done. It takes the guess work out and makes many experiences more pleasant.

She’s hard to capture in action, but she was telling us she wanted “more”!

Since we only knew a couple words, when Baby Sign Language offered to send their Deluxe Sign Language Kit to review, I happily accepted. The kit includes a Baby Sign Language Guide Book, a Baby Sign Language Dictionary, a Baby Sign Language Flash Cards and a Baby Sign Language Wall Chart. Each of these have helpful pictures showing how to do the sign for each word.

Baby sign language

In addition to learning more, milk, eat, and all done, we were able to add in many more like ball, book, cat, mommy, daddy and grandma and grandpa. E never did all of the signs perfectly, but she was able to communicate with us. When she was on the bus with grandma and grandpa at Disney World, she made it very clear to them that she wanted to eat!


The wall chart featured the most used signs for us and was handy to be able to look at for a quick glance.

Baby Sign Language Wall Chart

Using the books, there were a couple signs that were a little harder for me to figure out, so the online dictionary was a nice resource when I needed those.

Deluxe Baby Sign Language Kit

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  1. steph urban says:

    I did not, I never even thought about it!

  2. I wish I had taught my kids soon language when they were babies. I think it would made some things a lot easier.

  3. I never did baby sign language with my kids. But I know a lot of people who did and it really seemed to help out a lot!

  4. That is so interesting! We almost sent our son to a pre-K that taught signing, but the day was not long enough. What a great skill for later in life as well!

  5. We tried sign language with our first. He would get so frustrated when we were trying to teach him the signs. Either that, or he’d look at us like we were crazy! It would really have helped if we had a big chart like that conveniently hanging on the wall as a reference. We do plan to try teaching baby #2 at least a few signs.

  6. we did sign language with our kiddos- it was really great for our son who didn’t really talk more than a handful of words until he was 3 years old. plus its so cute!

  7. Teaching your children sign language is such a wonderful idea! I wish we would have done something like this with our kids when they were little! It would be such a useful skill for them!

  8. katherine says:

    I never did this with my daughter but I didn’t know about it back then!

  9. i think this is awesome… a friend of mine does signs with her little one…

  10. we did signs more with Peanut then we did with JaMonkey. She is talking like crazy now but she still won’t say please. She’ll do the sign for it though! It’s funny. She gets so mad when I try to get her to say it instead of just giving it to her.

  11. That is awesome. Such a genius idea! 🙂

  12. I have heard of this but never tried with my kids. Sign language is something I would love to learn now as an adult.

  13. You know, it’s kind of funny. I was originally a deaf education major and took a number of ASL classes in college, but never did the baby sign language thing. That’s awesome that your daughter was able to pick up enough to convey a few words, though!

  14. This is great! Sign language is an excellent skill to pick up at such a young age!

  15. I’ve been thinking about doing it with my girls, I never did with my son. What is the best age, I wonder?

  16. I taught my son some basic sign language when he was a baby. It’s amazing how much they can learn from early on.

  17. SO helpful! I’m no where near Mommy-hood but I have always intended on using baby sign language so I’ll remember this brand. It just seems like a life saver. I’m glad it’s working so well for you and your family.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  18. We do signing with our second little one and we love it! The “more” and “all done” signs are super helpful. I remember wondering every meal time if my first daughter was full or just distracted and it was so frustrating.

  19. That’s an awesome tool! I definitely used signing with my oldest but not so much with the other two. “More” was always popular though… 😉 She’s SO cute!

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