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Miss E has been rocking some different diapers lately. Diapers that need covers. And, we’ve discovered wool. Oh, wool. It’s soft. It’s squishy and when treated (quite easily), it makes pretty darn sure she never wakes up wet! (If you are using disposables, this is still something you should/could look into. It would have saved me sooo much overnight diapering heartache).

So, back to the wool. She wears it as pants/shorts, so onesies don’t work. (My sister calls them Amish panties.)

{Getting some loving from her biggest sister}

making a onesie into a shirt

Turns out my mom hit up a consignment sale and got us a ton of onesies for the fall at super cheap. But, they wouldn’t work with the wool. But, being the frugal person I am, I didn’t want to cut my losses. My mom suggested I cut them off. But, I worried they would roll. So, I called upon a friend with sewing skills and a sewing machine. And, she hooked me up.

Now, I’m passing that knowledge on to you.

First, I used a rotary cutting tool to chop the bottoms of the onesies off just above the legs (as close as possible). 

{I then inverted said remnants and turned them into a hat. Yes, I did. Mr. Serious thinks I’m only slightly crazy).

making a onesie into a shirt

Then, I cut another one off and made a hat for my friend. She set the machine to a tiny zigzag stitch and showed me how to pull the fabric tight and lock the stitch into place (I realize I should have taken more pictures). But, I think anybody that has a sewing machine knows what I’m talking about. Right? Then, we just went all the way around the bottom and viola. Done.

making a onesie into a shirt

Then, she made me do the next one. And the next one. If you notice the bottom of the new shirt, it’s all ruffly and cute. And, the stitching is making sure it won’t roll and it won’t fray. Win.

{Notice that it’s recommended to take the bottoms of all of the old onesies and layer them on your hat. It completes the look. And, keeps stray hairs out of your face while you sew}

making a onesie into a shirt

And this, my friends is an adorable cute baby in a newly converted onesie to shirt made just for her (never mind the fact that the head opening is so darn small she had flashbacks to her birth as we both put it on and took it off. Other shirts did not have this same problem.)

making a onesie into a shirt

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  1. Thrifty AND Cute! It’s called a lettuce hem, because, well; it looks like lettuce when you’re done sewing it. I love them! And Red can seriously SOAK an overnight diaper – might have to look into these wool underpants. He’s a pee machine.

    PS. Love that you started to watermark/label your photos. Cuts down on copying! 🙂

    1. Lettuce hem…hmmm…totally makes sense!

      Yes, you should I wish I would have known about them. My favorites are these: (pricey, but you use them as pants and could get away with having two pair). And, you just lanolize them every couple weeks (even when they are wet overnight, leave them to dry and voila, they are like new)…maybe I should post about this!

      I found an awesome photoshop script that helps do it fast. I used to use windows live writer and it was built in, and then I got lazy and stopped doing it.

  2. Lol!!! You said the head hole so small that she had flashbacks at birth. However she is so adorable and wears it great!! Love the creativity.

    1. Hopefully, she doesn’t remember that part of her life too much!

    1. Click on those buttons above and link up on their sites. I actually don’t host a WW linky:)

    1. Ridiculous is how we roll (of course, my friend requested that she authorize all future blog pictures of her going forward!)

  3. So smart!! I love the hats and I totally would have done that too! So I guess we are both crazy 😉 that or Mr. Serious is.. hmm something to ponder!

  4. Love the hats, and so jealous of your craftiness!

    1. I prefer to call it resourcefulness..I had the idea, my friend helped me execute it!

  5. Anti-Supermom says:

    Very cute! I wouldn’t have thought to pull it tight though, but I see that it makes that adorable little ruffle at the bottom… genius!

    1. I only did what I was told:) No genius idea for me here!

  6. mrs. hils says:

    Few are the friends with whom one can wear a baby panty on one’s head. BTW, I am waaaay cuter in person. That is my “pretend like I am concentrating very hard while sewing” face! I smell a sewing machine in the Serious’ future!

  7. Awwww super cute! Thanks for sharing. Stop by my site and say hello if you’ve got he time 🙂

  8. pretty sure you could sell those hats?

    and your baby model – adorable!!

  9. Such a great way to repurpose those unneeded onesies! Love the hat, you’re definitely rocking it!

  10. I’ve never been crafty enough to use a sewing machine and make baby clothing. I’m so jealous of those that do know how!

    1. I had to enlist the help of my friend. I can’t do it, either.

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