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Over a week before Halloween, we got some pumpkin patch pictures. Our 15th annual pumpkin patch picture, if you are counting…in the middle of a pandemic…or whatever we are calling it now! I had the forethought to add it as an event to the calendar so that we didn’t forget or wait until all of the pumpkins were gone. Hey, it’s happened. 

Not only did I plan for us to go (on Saturday, and then we all decided we were too tired and changed it to Sunday), but I thought about bringing a tripod and camera holder so we didn’t have to ask anybody to take our picture. I planned it…and I remembered it!

pumpkln patch 2020 family

Thank you apple watch as a remote and phone! Everybody is looking and smiling! Somehow, we all managed to get on the bench this year, too. It was only a little crowded. 

With a random tripod with phone as a camera set up, several people walked past and asked if we needed them to hit the shutter button. I had it under control. But, I thought it was funny. Would somebody set up a tripod and camera and sit and wait to see if another person would walk past and offer to take a picture? Maybe they would? We all had a giggle. 

I wanted a picture with just the girls, too. No tripod required here. 

pumpkin patch girls

And of course, a silly face. B’s is definitely what we think of 2020 so far!

pumpkin patch 2020 silly faces

They wanted to pick out tiny pumpkins, so we figured that was a good idea to support the pumpkin patch. (As of now, we don’t have a big pumpkin to carve…and as much as I love the seeds, I don’t know if I have pumpkin carving on my planner this year). 

Look at these back-lit beauties. I love when they stair-step for me. And B and N’s little popped knee.

pumpkin patch girls standing

Another year, another annual pumpkin patch picture we didn’t miss!

Check out all of our previous pumpkin patch pictures from 2006-2019!


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  1. I dragged the kiddos outside for a hike – it was so nice to see them enjoy nature and to spend time with the family!

    1. I feel that! It’s dragging to get them there and then they end up so happy and loving it!

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