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Recently, we got a new kitchen sink that is stainless steel (thank you various trip refunds). It’s big and glorious and 100X easier to clean dishes in. But since it’s stainless and not composite, we notice spots on it a little more. And, a certain person is also very excited about the sink and cleaning it (this is not genetically from me!).

old sink versus new sink

Said kiddo was so excited to clean it that I didn’t realize she used a cleaning cloth (meant for stainless steel and using water) and a stainless steel spray (with petroleum). This kiddo put said cleaning cloth in the laundry where I didn’t think about not washing it.

It got washed with our clothes on hot. They now smell really bad (if you haven’t smelled the cleaner smell, its sort of like bug/wasp spray).

Google failed to help me find a solution. I put a bag of open charcoal in the washer with the lid closed and it doesn’t help. My usually smell truck is balled up newspaper. So I might need to find some newspaper. I’ve also tried vinegar and Dawn dish soap and well, I feel like all the things and all of the washes.

The load has some of my favorite workout clothes and sports bras in it. And they currently have less of a petroleum smell, but it’s still there. I even reached out to the spray company and they told me to air them out and wash and repeat. So, not really helpful.

I put an online order in to Target for any of the things I thought might help. It was pretty late by the time it was ready, so the kiddo joined me for the cleaning stuff pickup. 

When we pulled into the driveway, Shoop came on the radio. I knew there needed to be a bit of a showing off of my Salt-N-Pepa skills (turns out I don’t remember nearly as many of the words as I thought I did).

car time with salt n peppa

She thought I was ridiculous and that was fine by me! She also said “these 90s songs are all about girls trying to get guys!” Yep, something like that.

car time with the oldest

And if you have any other suggestions, I’d love to hear them. I still have a load of laundry that has a smell…and after about 15 washes, I thought they were okay and dried them. Nope…they still smell and now they have been dried…please tell me it’s not time to toss it all.


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