Letting in Light with a New Front Door installation with Airtasker Review


Slowly but surely we’ve been making improvements to our home. Keep reading to see how we used Airtasker to have the job of a new front door installation and weather door completed quickly and professionally.

Home improvements we’ve made so far

We’ve done the windows. We added a new sink and kitchen counters. We’ve had a new HVAC unit installed and I’m sure there are more. Recently, neighbors had a new front door installed and I mentally added it to my list.

old sink versus new sink

Why a new front door?

We need more light in our house any way we can get it. We could also do without the drafts from the bad installation of the original front door as well as the broken weather door. If we opened it too far, it made a loud cracking noise as the frame had broken.

We were looking to have a new front door installation and collecting contacts from friends for handymen when Airtasker reached out to me to try out their services in exchange for credits to their service.

broken frame on weather door

What is Airtasker?

Airtasker is an online marketplace that helps connect service providers to those looking to get more done. Whether it’s making more time for your family, finding a new hobby or finding more time to do things they love, Airtasker can help people find more ways to get things done while doing more of what they actually want to do.

You can list pretty much any service you need performed and find somebody willing to do it for a fee for you. Additionally, you can list your own services and bid on jobs you want want to perform.

You can use Airtasker to spend more time with family or start a new side hustle. Of course, you have the same time as you did last year, and in order for something new to come on to your plate, you have to remove something else.

Post a job on Airtasker

First, set up an account. Then you post your general location, a description of what you want done and the price you’d ideally like to pay. You can also upload pictures.

Then, wait for people to say they are willing to take on the task and either agree to your pricing, or tell you the price they are willing to pay. Click on their profile and read more about them and hopefully, they’ve added information as to why they are the person for the job.

You select the person you’d like to complete the job and the date. The date of the job can be changed as long as both parties agree. Additionally, you can message within the Airtasker website or app. Make sure all communication takes place on Airtasker as well as payments.

Selecting the Airtasker

We had four individuals/companies that offered to work with us. One bid was about 6 times what we had requested for pricing. And while they had good reviews, based on pricing we had looked at, it seemed a bit extreme.

Two other individuals didn’t really offer much information as to why they were good for the job or really anything about themselves. The last person left a business name and where we could find google reviews as well as more about themselves. So, we decided to work with Jason.

Getting our new Front door installation with Airtasker

Once we selected Jason, we asked if he would come look at our existing door and make sure we ordered the right doors for our house and space. He arrived right at the agreed upon time.

Once I showed him the doors I’d like to order and confirmed they would be good, I ordered them. Our airtasker offered to pick the doors up after we placed a store pickup order and added his name to the order. This was incredibly helpful for us and completely unexpected.

airtasker arriving with doors picked up

On the agreed day and time, our Airtasker communicated with us to let us know he was at the store and getting our doors and enroute to our house.

When he arrived, he got to work removing our old doors and trying to keep as much of the trim intact to be able to reuse it. Having never installed a door personally, it was interesting to see the process and how a door “sits” inside the frame in the house.

removing handles and locks from old door

The biggest issue was that our new door didn’t want to sit square in the hole in our house. We’ve decided that the even with the doorframe square, our house isn’t square. There was a lot of tiny adjustments back and forth. But, Jason got our door to close properly and without the issues we were having closing our old door. (It took a hip and a shove to lock the door previously.)

Next he installed the weather door which also seemed to have it’s own challenges. (Remember that not square, but square hole?) The level doesn’t lie, but getting that one in was tricky too. However, Jason won with that door too and he got them both installed.

It was really late when he left and had checked everything over. We decided we needed to get something to help seal up underneath the door.

Once we purchased that, we noticed some caulking that was missing. We got in touch with Jason and he let us know he planned to come back and finish it up. (I’m sure at 10pm we missed him telling us this), but he came back and finished it all up.

This is the new front door, and this is the new weather door.

Our thoughts on Airtasker

It was easy to set up the task and select an Airtasker. It’s important to select the right person for the job, but we felt like we did that. We were very happy with our new front door installation with Airtasker.

Communication was made easy in the app as well as payment. We were happy with the job and will use our Airtasker again. I’m sure the siding might need replacing soon.

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  1. A new front door makes so much difference! We replaced ours a few years ago and had similar issues. Thanks to settling, it seems like everything is a little crooked in our house. Love the style door you chose!

  2. It really lets in so much more light! Now, to get the pressed board siding replaced!

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