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The month of May seems to just fly past. Each week getting closer and closer to the end of the year! Between end of year parties, celebrations, graduations and ceremonies, but calendar is lit up all month long! The things nobody tells you about having a big family!

This week I had a fifth grade picnic (I wish I would have taken a picture with the oldest as my outfit was epic!) But, I’ll just have to remember it! There was also a Mother’s Day Tea with B at her preschool. She wasn’t happy to have me there at all! She and her classmates sang us a nice song and had a paper purse full of art work and creations for us.

Mother's Day Tea with B

The end of the week found everybody just exhausted. We stayed up late Friday night so E could get her yellow belt at karate. The other three girls and I stayed home and watched The Greatest Showman (if you haven’t seen it, go see it!). I let us get started thinking we’d get 30 minutes in. We watched the whole movie waiting for Mr. Serious and E to get home.

This meant that Saturday got a little rough around early afternoon. Knowing we had another late night, and feeling super tired, I decided to lay down. A bit into my nap, I heard B having an epic meltdown and I knew she was exhausted. I grabbed her and brought her upstairs with me. She yelled in my face “I don’t want to lay down” and about 0.2 seconds later, she was out! I don’t even remember the last nap I had with one of the girls. So, I will take it. A few minutes after she was smiling in her sleep and then rolled over and put her arm on me. Yep, I was the putty for sure!

Napping with B Mommy and Me Monday

This week is no different. Shampoo, rinse, lather, repeat. The kids like to tell me how many days of school they have left and I’m thankful we are in a position to pay for some camps to keep them busy and having some fun this summer!

What did you do this week?

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