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When you friend and roommate from college is a florist and she comes to visit, and she says she’s going to bring holiday wreath making supplies, believe her! Look at all of this beautiful and fresh greenery and holiday goodness.

natural wreath making mommy and me monday

Our kitchen smelled really good while they were working on this. 

Jenna bought a garland to make the wreath making easier. The first thing they did was wire the garland around the wreath using florist wire around the wreath form until it was good and full. 

natural wreath making mommy and me monday

Once it was well established, it was time to add the berries, flowers, leaves and more. The girls tucked them into the wire uses to wrap the garland. 

natural wreath making mommy and me monday

Once we decided the wreath looked full, she wrapped it again one more time with florist wire to make sure everything stayed in place. 

natural wreath making mommy and me monday

In under 30 minutes, we had a gorgeous, real flower and greenery scented wreath to hang on our front door. Every time we open the front door we get a whiff of how amazing it smells. 

natural wreath making mommy and me monday

It came out so pretty and with just the right amount of color! (We will even forgive her for wearing a Saints sweater!)

real wreath making with friends

I think I was able to sneak one eucalyptus pod onto the wreath which was the total of my wreath contribution. But, they let me get a picture with them, too!

natural wreath making mommy and me monday

Isn’t it beautiful? If you need a florist for your event in the Houston area, check out Jenna Lynn Events!

natural wreath making mommy and me monday

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