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A very generous friend (thanks, Sam!) gave me a ton of plant clippings early this year. My attempts to propagate them in water have gone pretty well (only 1 out of like 10 didn’t make it…and it was neon pothos which is supposed to be very hearty, so I’m not sure what I did wrong).

propagating pelia

The pilea rooted very nicely in water, but this past week, I noticed one of the leaves was calling it quits. Maybe it was it’s time, or maybe the plant was struggling. So, I consulted said friend and she said it was probably time to pot it.

Another friend, Jenna, who goes way back gave me a set of plant potters from a wedding she had done, so we decided it was finally time to rehome the pilea. After getting some potting soil and perlite, N and I got to work. 

planting pelia with n

The plant was looking cute and happy on planting day. However, a couple days later, I’ve noticed I’ve lost another one of the leaves. The remaining one seems hearty and strong, so hopefully, it continues to thrive and maybe a little baby will pop out of the soil in a few weeks.

replanted pelia

Grow baby, grow!! 

Sunday, we all headed to Publix to get our flu shots. (Yes, all 6 of us, which I’m 100% sure has never happened, so thanks pandemic). Three of the girls were willing to pose with our matching bandages…one was not so pleased with the process and refused. 

flu shots for all

Here’s hoping for continued health into this crazy fall and winter.

Now, will somebody come help us make decisions about what we are going to do with these kiddos with f2f or continued virtual learning?!?!


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