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I think we think that the phase we are in is always the busiest/hardest, etc. And then we look back and think “that was so easy.” (Or maybe that’s just me!)

Those little babies and scooping them up and pacing at midnight with them in my arms…seems like a walk in the park sometimes. Of course, those were hard times, too…it’s a fine line. A little bit of a balancing act because these kids being older is pretty awesome, too!

This weekend started with an early morning wake up and drive to Rockmart in the fog. N ran hard and was just 5 seconds shy of her PR for a 2 mile race.

Then it was time to come home. We got home, squeezed in my Peloton power zone challenge ride, got N to her flute lessons, ran to the store to get the boutonniere for the oldest kiddo’s date and a bunch of supplies for my October girls’ birthdays. Oh, then picked up N at her flute lessons and scarfed some lunch.

How does an hour go by so quickly these days?

Then it was home and some helping with hair and getting the oldest ready for her Homecoming dance….and pictures and dinner.

We met up with the group at a local park to get some group pictures. I think this one came out pretty darn good.

homecoming 2021

Had to grab one with Mr. Serious, too, but didn’t get one with mom this time! Next year, right?

with dad at homecoming

Then they were off to dinner and dancing. The kids said it was a blast, and they had an amazing time. The only pictures I’ve seen from the event are a complete blur!

Sunday was filled with some good recovery. And yet, we all still managed to be pretty busy. There were some errands to be run, the ven got a cleaning (thank you Mr. Serious) and I cleaned and reorganized the garage.

The girls and I are also testing out a recovery device for our legs (still in the testing phase) and all spent some time on the floor enjoying it.

It’s always good to jump down on the floor with them when they are plugged into the wall and can’t move! N even smiled for me.

snuggles with n mommy and me monday

Some things about the kids never change! They still insist on making silly faces. I mostly oblige!

silly faces with n

Then I ask the oldest to come and get a better angle picture for us. Which she interprets as get in the picture with us. It wasn’t my intention, but I’m happy she jumped in.

cheese, but with a flash

But also, still can’t resist making a silly face!

when the oldest jumps in

Nope, this weekend won’t be any more chill….one day, we’ll have so much time we don’t know what to do with it. This day is not now.

What did you do this week?

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