Turn your juice box into a bat with this free printable bat wings coloring sheet


Halloween is coming…and it might not look like our usual Halloween. But, we can craft and decorate and have fun just like any year. This year, the girls asked me to help them turn their juice boxes into bats with a printable bat wings coloring sheet. I let them decide on the style and type of bat wing and then they got to work.

bat wings free printable coloring page This is meant to be a simple yet fun craft you can do at home with hopefully things you have on hand. Don’t have glue dots? Use a glue stick or glue gun. Don’t have juice boxes? Use a water bottle, soda can or even a snack bar. There are many ways to make this work and have fun. 

We did this activity at home, but if your kids are back to school in person, this would be an easy activity to drop at the school for kids to do in class.

Gather your juice box bat supplies

You’ll need juice boxes, crayons/markers or any type of colors, scissors, glue dots and the printable bat sheet I’ve provided below (you’ll get 3 sets of wings on a page.)

bats and crayons h

The glue dots or hot glue gun work best on the slippery juice boxes, but please, use what you have…super glue, regular glue, liquid cement, or whatever. Make this easy!

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Print it out

Before you are ready to work, grab the free printable bat wings coloring page now by clicking here! I’ve fit 3 sets of wings per page, so you’ll only need one sheet for every 3 bats you’ll want to make. Depending on the ages of the kids doing the activity, you might want to have an adult separate the wings into three sets. Some of the lines are a little close and I noticed the girls were nervous to separate the wing sets. 

Get to coloring your bat wings

The girls used crayons to color their wings, but markers, pastels or paints would also work. Have fun with it. If they wanted to add texture, they could glue tissue paper, feathers, scraps of paper or even foil to the wings. 

girls getting ready to color

Make sure everybody gets to color their wings how they’d like. It makes for happier bats! We don’t need all black/brown/gray bats!

coloring bat wings gray

Cut, cut, cut

Or as they say, scissoring. Cut those wings out. Yes, there are some turns and curves. It’s what makes each set of wings even more unique.

cutting out bat wings

And the sticking aka glue time

Here’s the tricky part. You want to put the glue on the side of the wings that have been colored. It’s a little counter-intuitive and did confuse the kids.

We tried glue sticks and it was a bit of a challenge. So, I switched to something else I had…glue dots. My next effort would have been a hot glue gun, but the glue dots worked perfectly. They are definitely a crafting must have. 

gluing bat wings on juice box

Glue, glue, glue…stick it on. 

putting bat wing on juice box

Enjoy crafting success

Get those wings flapping and enjoy a successful craft session. We thought about adding eyes or googly eyes, but decided this was the way to go!

girls with bat juice boxes

Want to try a different craft? Check out this Monster Juice Box creation. Juicy Juice has plenty of themed at-home recipes, activities, and crafts to help have some Halloween fun.

bat juice boxes

>>>>>> Grab the free printable bat wings coloring page now by clicking here! <<<<<<

bat wings printable

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  1. SO FUN!!!! I love bats, and this is a great way to keep the kiddo occupied on this big strange day.

    1. All of the bats…maybe it’s only slightly ironic for 2020? (It’s just now coming to me!)

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