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I wasn’t sure our annual pumpkin patch picture was going to happen this year. I wanted it to, but Mr. Serious had three back to back trips, and I wanted him in the picture.

Before we got our family picture, the kids and I and a bonus kiddo went to a local farm and pumpkin patch. The weather was so-so and felt like we’d be poured on at anytime, but during some of the dry time, I thought I’d try to get a picture of each kiddo separate. I think I might actually frame these since I haven’t purchased individual pictures of them in a while. 

The oldest and officially teenager still let me grab her picture! If you scroll way down, you can see her very first pumpkin patch visit. It’s so hard to believe she was ever that small!

Pumpkin Patch picture

The second kiddo who is now 11 years old. She’s also too big for me to hold her like her first pumpkin patch picture. Heck, they all are. 

Pumpkin Patch picture 11 year old

And the reluctant 7 year old who posed herself in a very school-picture like-way. The oldest sister was asked to do face painting before we left the house. So she’s got a flower and butterfly. 

Pumpkin Patch picture 7 year old

And this goofy 5 year old who was very unimpressed with her lunch options, but found some fun to be had at the play area around the pumpkin patch. Also, she’s a unicorn if you can’t tell by her face paint. 

Pumpkin Patch picture 5 year old

Sunday, we had to pick Mr. Serious up and his ride offered to meet us at a different church pumpkin patch to save us some time (we were in a serious time crunch). It was super bright, which was nice, but also meant squinty faces. (Note to self, they all have my eyes…sunglasses for everybody this year for Christmas!)

pumpkin patch picture all of my girls

We were fortunate to grab a family and get them to take a couple pictures for us. So I got out annual pumpkin patch picture with just a few days to spare. I think next year, we are going to have to have some standers because these setups aren’t built for families of 6!

mommy and me monday pumpkin patch

As a bonus surprise, Sunday night at our church’s Fall Festival, they had a selfie booth set up and we were able to grab one more set of pictures. Since it took three pictures, we naturally opted for the middle one to be silly faces. That means stick out your tongue to five of us. So, points for originality go to E!

fall festival family selfie booth

And here’s the throwback to that first pumpkin patch picture so many years ago (2006)! I can’t tell who looks more like babies…the parents or the oldest!

Pumpkin patch with baby

What did you do this week?

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