Mommy and Me Monday- The BIRTHDAY (52nd Edition)


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

Can you believe it?  We’ve been doing Mommy and Me Monday for 52 weeks?

One whole year.

The very first Mommy and Me Monday was February 21, 2010.  My girls have changed so much since then.

Happy Birthday Mommy and Me Monday!

In honor of Mommy and Me Monday’s FIRST BIRTHDAY, we had a birthday cake, with a candle and everything.

Mommy and Me Monday- The birthday edition

Thank you all for your support of Mommy and Me Monday.  I look forward to seeing what the next 52 weeks bring.  Maybe a cohost?  Sponsors?  I’d love to hear your ideas, too.

Grab the button and link up.  Make some new friends and visit some old ones, too.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

**There really is only one requirement here, a picture of you and your baby or babies; your children, your “baby” (ie significant other) or even your fur babies.  If your picture doesn’t feature you (meaning you must be in the picture), I will have to delete your link.  It’s not fair to the others that follow the rules.**

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  1. Great idea on this. I have seen a couple other bloggers do it, and love the idea. I mean, the idea of YOU in the pic, rather than me. It is very cool to have these pictures though, because we will cherish them forever.

    1. Please do join’s fun and makes you get those pictures.

  2. Congrats on your one year anniversary! I really need to try harder to get more pictures with the girls that’s for sure.

  3. Absolutely love the pigtails! Congrats on the anniversary.

  4. Happy first birthday mommy and me! I love that you had a cake, I bet your girls enjoyed eating it.

    I love linking up with this meme – don’t qualify this week, I’ve been too busy behind the stinkin’ camera! LOL

    1. Yes, they sure did love it.

      Secret? Angel food cake. So yummy and way better for you.

      I know, you need to get back in the habit of joining us.

  5. Happy Birthday MMM!

    I think this is my fifth time to join..and loving it every monday!

    more years to come!

  6. Congrats…I hope to join next week…..I keep forgetting 🙁

    1. I hope you do! I always try to get a picture on the weekend..the weekday ones hardly ever happen.

  7. grandma Pat says:

    you all have such beautiful smiles.

  8. Can’t believe it’s been a year! I’d like to see someone sponsor it! Happy 1st Birthday, Mommy and Me Monday!!

    Love, Mere

    1. Thanks, Mere!

      A sponsor would be awesome, right? I just have to go seeking one:)

  9. Happy Birthday, Mommy and Me! Great shot too! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Kat! Glad you’ve been joining in when you can:)

  10. happy anniversary! I love that yall made a cake to celebrate!

  11. great idea! my first week joining 🙂
    happy one year mommy & me!

    1. So glad you joined in. Looking forward to seeing you more!

  12. has it really been a whole year?? honey i love this!!

    happy happy mommy & me birthday!!

    ps – and i sooo love that you did a cake. pretty sure this means you can in fact decorate for valentines day. just sayin.

  13. Happy Mommy and Me Anniversary!!!! Plus it’s an excuse to eat cake!

  14. mrs. hils says:

    I can’t wait to see the picture for M&M’s 10th birthday! I wonder if Nat will still be rockin’ that cute hair? Why can’t my 4-year-old smile as sweetly as your 2-year-old???

  15. Jennifer @ Polka Dot Tuesdays says:

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this great idea. It makes me get in front of the camera more. Keep up the fabulous job.

  16. What a great idea to have a birthday cake for the 1st birthday of Mommy & Me. I love the photo and how adorable N’s hair looks.
    You all look like you are having a great time… how about sending me a piece of cake, it looks yummy!! 🙂

  17. Mr Serious says:

    I love the pictures of you girls. Go Mommy and Me!

  18. I just adore that you celebrated Mommy & Me Monday’s birthday. Y’all are precious!! I need to remember to get a pic of me and at least one kiddo for next week – ha! 😀

  19. I can’t believe I forgot to link up my post this week!

    Happy 1 Year to Mommy and Me! Thanks for hosting!

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