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When I said school was ending, but life wasn’t going to be simpler for us, I really meant it.

We decided to end a day early after the events of the week and the kids not having any school to do. We spent the day together.

Tuesday, our kitchen renovation project kicked off with demo. Our house it very dusty! I just have to keep telling myself it will all be worth it!

Later in the week (after a couple eye doctor appointments, dermatologist appointments and all other appointments we try to knock out during the summer), N and I scooted off to the flooring store. We had to get flooring for the spots that are now blank from cabinets, and walls being removed as well as for the living room.

We loaded those 19 boxes onto the cart and into the van!

I feel like the only seat my booty touched all week was in the van or waiting rooms!

Saturday, it was time for my 60 minute ride with the power zone challenge. All of the other family people went and knocked out their respective runs, so I jumped at the chance to bike. B thought she would join me and ended up sticking with the entire ride. (She did complain about a little booty soreness towards the end).

Summer is supposed to be the time of relaxing (or so I hear), but we are going to be running around and attempting to be 6 places at once some days. And before we know it, school will be back in session!

What did you do this week?

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