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Some days I nail this “mom” thing. Others, I want to throw in the towel and call it quits. But, that’s not the deal we signed up for. 18 to life man!

I’m pretty sure I’m too hard on myself. I hope that’s the case. I know I’m also pretty hard on my girls. What can I say, I have high expectations and I push them to be their best. So, it’s not surprising that I also have pretty high expectations for myself and I push myself to be my best. But, lately, I wonder if I lowered them what I would think.

I don’t volunteer often, yet I constantly feel like I’m everywhere. We don’t have one-on-one time as often as I’d like. And, there is a lot of TV watching (it seems to me) so I can get work done. BUT, I cook dinner most days and they have healthy meals, so that should count for something, right? I help keep them healthy and clean and let them know they are loved.

But, if I’m being honest, I can always say I want more and I want better. Do we ever really reach a perfect spot though? Do we ever feel content with our parenting?

Holding hands in the lillebaby

Of course, when you kids want to be so near you you share each other’s sweat and then want to be near enough to hold hands, you feel like you won the lottery, right?

Or when two of your kids want to sit on your lap and ask to take a super fuzzy and blurry picture. You figure things might be okay.

awana award night

This week, I made a shirt design. It was inspired by all of my working out and just telling myself that I’m warming up to get me through it. Well, it turns out, it really applies to so much more in life. Really, I’m just warming up at this mom thing every single day. It’s never the same, it’s always new and always changing. So, I started a teespring campaign to try and meet a small goal for my “I’m Just Warming Up” shirts (there are two tank styles because my first thought was exercise and summer, but there is also a v-neck all of which have plenty of color options). Because, if you are anything like me, we are just warming up at pretty all of life. And, for the record, I don’t believe there is a life cool down phase! If it resonates with you, I’d love for you to head over and buy one to help support my little project which in all honesty will probably pay for like half of my YMCA membership.

I'm Just warming up t-shirt

I'm just warming up shirt


So, yeah about this whole mom thing… girls, I’m just warming up and I’m pretty sure that will always be the case, but I’m being the best I can be for you!

What were you up to this week?

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  1. I think the fact that we are questioning ourselves shows we care, which in turn proves that we are in fact good parents. But saying it and really having confidence in it are 2 different things! I think I will always feel like I’m just warming up, too.

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