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It’s been another one of those crazy, whirlwind weeks. The calendar was once again jam-packed. We were dividing and conquering and coming and going with a quick “hi” and “bye”. One week until we are all home for the break!

Mr. Serious took the kids to a Christmas party at church while I hunkered down and tried to check off several things on my list. They came home with pictures, stories and “gingerbread” houses. Oh, and tummies full from candy and all of the sweets.

Christmas decorating

After the cancellation from the snow, B’s reindeer day was changed. Thankfully, she wasn’t bothered. Also, LipSense makes a great Rudolph nose. She decided to keep it on for two days and wouldn’t let me clean it off.

With rudolph B

The rest of the week is a blur. Involving a plumbing pressure issue that needed to be addresses and a check engine light on in my van that still hasn’t resolved after fixing the issues the computer said to fix. (Anybody know where I can go to win a new car?)

But, we made it to the weekend, which was also very busy. The oldest had a birthday party during which I planned to run errands. But, there was a three year old that needed some mommy time. Thankfully, she’s used to running errands. We had about 20 minutes between errands and the big sister’s pickup. Fortunately, we had spotted an epic playground nearby that was perfect for the time.

Sliding fun

She was a happy girl. We even found some swings built for two. This is the first time I got on a swing in ages where I didn’t feel sick. Not really sure what it means, but I was so glad because we swag for a while.

Swing for two fun

We even let go a couple times and yelled out “whheeeeeeee.”

swinging joy

Sunday, I realized we had a package delivered very late (we’re talking almost midnight…those drivers have it tough). Our LILLEbaby CarryOn in Emerald had arrived. When B saw it, she immediately had to go in it. To which I was happy to oblige. Then she told me “I want to stay in the carrier forever!” After her bath, she requested going in it again. Safe to say she really likes it. (and, I do, too! It’s beautiful!)

lillebaby carryon emerald

Then E decided she needed to go in it, too. And she also didn’t want to get out. So, there has been a lot of “baby”wearing happening today. I’m not sad about this one bit!

lillebaby carryon emerald

Tomorrow starts all of the holiday parties and celebrations…and all of the candy and treat eating. But, we are ready for it. I think!

What did you do this week?

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