Not Me Monday


It’s that time again….

I did not have to buy my 2 year old multiple new 3T shirts because she is too tall for anything else.

I did not wait over 1.5 hours for my kids to see Santa.

#1 did not scream her head off when placed in Santa’s loving arms.

I did not cook for an entire week (again).

I did not get in the Christmas spirit just a little bit and purchase some more lights and a wreath.

I did not put Christmas lights in #1’s room. She does not love them.

I did not put up a Santa stocking holder.

I did not put #1 in diapers at home because I am not done with this whole potty training thing.

I did not give her a suppository when she hadn’t pooped in 2 days.

I did not just scratch my daughters chin with my already short fingernails. She did not start bleeding. She did not tattle on me repeatedly and remind me that I did it.

I did not bang the crap out of my head on a picture frame (when standing up). It did not bleed.

I did not finally find a bottle that #2 would take. And, it certainly is not a completely different bottle than #1 took.

I did not get #2’s poop all over me and her when she had a “poop-splosion” in a friends car. And it certainly did not require a million wipes. And, two bags for the diaper.

I did not have a great time with my friend drinking a PSL and then dining and California Pizza Kitchen…yum!

Happy Monday.

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  1. Good luck with the potty training stuff. When you get it figured out, let me know your secret please. Have a good week.

  2. Sounds like an eventful week! Don’t sweat the potty training. She’ll get it. My Punky did the very same thing and FINALLY one day woke up and decided this was it. This was around August, so she was 2.5. We haven’t had an accident since. She was just so stubborn about it. And now my almost 2 year old, who is a boy, wants to potty all the time. I think he’ll be trained very soon! They’re all different, so just go with what Izzy seems ready for! And “do not” give her lots of candy as an incentive. :oD

  3. Wow! That was quite a few incidents mixed in with the holiday cheer. But always nice to end on a drink or two!

  4. Haha. Don’t you just love it when toddlers tattle?

  5. wow friend – what a week!!

    thank goodness for the psl 🙂

  6. Seriously, I have to know how you cook for the entire week – do you do this on one day?

    The Santa part cracks me up 🙂

  7. This was funny to read! Bless your heart. You have had a few mishaps huh? 🙂 That’s funny that she tattled on you 🙂

  8. I know I’m not a mom so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about, but I know a 3 1/2 year old that’s not potty trained….refuses to even try! You’re doing FINE!!! hahaha!

  9. I want pictures! 😉

    You are too cute, I love that you got tattled on! 😉

  10. oh no that accident sounds awful… glad it “did not” happen!! lol funny NOT ME’s as usual!

  11. I am so glad I will be there soon! I AM NOT going to rescue you and Papa Bear and I AM NOT going to let you guys relax and sleep in. I AM NOT going to spoil my Blubs at all. Nope, not me!

  12. Mrs de Miranda says:

    i seriously need to start not me mondays! so cute! I love it and it makes me laugh!! But ouch! I hope your head starts feeling better! And izzy’s chin! 😉

  13. haha – I really love these!!! thanks for the entertainment!! sorry about the pooping accident! I would have barfed…

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