Hubs thinks he’s funny, but he did good!

Hubs brought down two gift bags yesterday…and WOW, they had tissue paper and everything. They looked nice.

And, two gifts? I don’t think that’s ever happened. Ever.

So, he says I need to open the smaller bag first (why I didn’t take pictures, I have no idea). So, I start to open it, and viola, it’s an air filter for the car….hmmm. Okay, interesting. Then go further into the bag, and it’s a container of fuel injection cleaner. Okay, this must be a joke, right?

I look over at him, and he says, “You aren’t laughing!”

To which I obviously respond, “It’s not funny!” Yes, I disappointed him. He thought he was too funny.

Onto the next bag. He did much better. He got me a piece of hardware for our new computer that will allow me to easily (or so the directions say) transfer files from our camcorder (that he bought me for my birthday last year) to the computer. And then, I will be able to edit the videos and put them on DVDs to cherish forever.

Then, he says “keep looking” so I do, and I find an external hard drive. I know you all are thinking, “wow, that’s so exciting,” but really, for me to give him no ideas, he did really good.

And now, I can be sure that all of my pictures, photoshop creations and others will be safely stored on my new external hard drive and know that I will have a back up!

Thank you all for your well wishes! I plan on taking some of those ideas over to Mother’s Day. I think it’s about a month away!

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  1. I hoped over from FlipFlop MOM blog and I wanted to say hello. I am enjoying your blog. I love your blog template!

  2. YAY! guys have way different humor than we do 🙂 but at least he tried.. haha happy belated bday! and by the way – Stephanie’s blog is awesome! GREAT job!!

  3. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog and yepper you are right…about the hairball thing…lol I rather change liter boxes than clean up kitty puke…that is just me. Hey I just noticed…you are in Marietta…I am in Savannah. How funny! I guess my brain did not even register that earlier when I visited YOU. LOL

  4. Umm, I would have chucked some automotive parts at someone’s head, but that’s just me 😉
    Happy Birthday to you!
    And I LOVE your new look here!

  5. LOL… husbands.

    I would love to photo edit my videos. WTG hubby!

  6. Oh that’s good! Way to go Matt! 🙂 Glad you had a great birthday!!!

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