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3D art is becoming a big thing. My girls have seen commercials for pens and printers and actually recently asked for a 3D pen. So it was perfect timing that we were offered the chance to try out and partner with ATMOSFLARE and their 3D drawing pen.

drawing with a 3d pen with atmosflare

It took everything in them to not rip the box apart to take it out. But, we managed. It comes with the pen, two containers of ink, battery, lid and several tips for varying thicknesses.

drawing with a 3d pen with atmosflare

It took less than a minute from opening the box to having it ready to go! Of course, we didn’t check out the ATMOSFLARE website for hits or tricks or watch their helpful videos. We just dove right in.

I gave it a go and decided to try to make a cube. It was pretty cool that I could draw up and the “ink” cured with the attached light as I was “drawing”. The light makes it difficult to see, but I’m drawing a line straight up here (well, I thought it was straight until I saw the picture). I was then able to draw across in the air as well and it cured while drawing.

drawing with a 3d pen with atmosflare

For my first time attempting to draw in 3D, I think my cube came out pretty well. There is definitely some fine tuning involved in applying the pressure for the ink to come out. Which is obvious by my clumps and then thinner space.

drawing with a 3d pen with atmosflare

My 7 year old wanting to make a “triangle” (but she really meant pyramid) roof on top of my cube and make it into a house. Considering she wasn’t starting with much of a square cube, she did a great job.

drawing with a 3d pen with atmosflare

It’s not quite dollhouse worthy, but it was fun to make and she’s got her first 3D creation!

drawing with a 3d pen with atmosflare

We had discussed other things to draw and my 9 year old decided to try a turtle. She didn’t use a template or anything and I think it came out pretty well. I can see the shell and the head and four flippers, so a turtle it is.

drawing with a 3d pen with atmosflare

I feel like the ATMOSFLARE 3D pen is a great introduction into 3D art with a ton of possibilities ahead of us. We only just started and have creations that look like a house and a turtle. I was surprised how long the ink lasted.

After reading more, it’s cool to see so many ideas. You can draw with the light off, curve the surface and then cure it with the light on to create non-flat and/or curved objects. So, we will have to try again with more colors and make a life-like looking turtle like suggested on their website.

You can buy ATMOSFLARE 3D pen and ink refills on amazon!

What is the first thing you would draw with a 3D pen?

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  1. Pat Chance says:

    great 3D work. This is pretty cool.

  2. 3D printing is all the rage right now. This 3D pen is a great way to introduce the kids.

  3. Janice Murphy says:

    My grand daughter Zoey wants one for Christmas , I have been looking on amazon for one ,different company and prices

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