How to make it easier to get nutrients in my kids when they are being picky eaters


Thank you to New One A Day with Nature’s Medley for sponsoring this post on how to make it easier to get nutrients in my kids when they are being picky eaters. I received product/compensation from OAD to write this post. All opinions are my own.

With four kids in the house, having meals and foods that they will all eat and be nutrient dense for all of them can be a challenge. Dinner is usually pretty easy, but school lunches have seemingly gotten harder. I’ve shared some of our most successful preschool lunches, and we have the best luck when the girls pack their own lunches (and pick out their own clothes).

lunch packing in the morning

However, lunches can still have me recognizing that the differences in their taste preferences means their lunches are lacking. In fact, 94% of kids don’t meet daily vegetable recommendations and 66% of kids don’t meet daily fruit recommendations.

packing lunches

Packing Lunches

What this sometimes turns into is a bit of a battle of what is a healthy and nutritious lunch versus what their friends bring for lunch every day. So, we have to find the balance of a healthy lunch and also a lunch that makes them not feel like they need to defend their lunch choices to their peers. My negotiation is some sort of protein, a fruit or vegetable and a snack food. This usually makes everybody happy.

lunches all packed up

And to get around the fact that their lunch isn’t half fruits and veggies, we add a multivitamin during the lunch packing process (to be taken at home while packing their lunch and after breakfast) for nutritional support. Recently, we like the new One A Day with Nature’s Medley. These vitamins make it easy for us to get more nutrients in the kids and they are tasty, too.

One a Day with Nature's Medley

More about One a Day with Nature’s Medley

These multivitamins come in a men’s, women’s and children’s (for ages 4 and up) formulations. And they are the only complete multivitamins with plant-based antioxidants from one total USDA serving size of fruits and vegetables. These multivitamins are free of artificial flavors and sweeteners and the colors are from natural sources. You can easily pick up all of the varieties at your local Walmart.

One a Day with Nature's Medley

Considering that up to 90% of Americans fall short in getting the key nutrients they may need from food alone, Mr. Serious and I will also be taking our One A Day with Nature’s Medley to make sure we are getting plant-based antioxidants from one total USDA serving size of fruits and vegetables. Make sure to check out the site where you’ll find a coupon alongside details about how to save $4!!

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  1. I choose all the fruit!!! Way to go on the pack your own lunch thing, too. I need to get into that this year.

  2. I’m sure my kids don’t get enough vegetables on a daily basis. Now, with my daughter going off to college I should get her some of these multivitamins so she can get the nutrients she needs, My son definitely needs to get some multivitamins as well. It’s hard for a teenaged boy to get all of the nutrients he needs

  3. You’ve got lovely children. In my household, I also let my kids prepare their food. My children are still small so I let them do easy to prepare ones. Thanks for sharing.

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