They pick out their own clothes and pack their own lunches **FREE PRINTABLE**


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I’m back in the routine of packing my preschooler and toddler lunches 4 and 2 days a week respectively. I get pretty creative with their lunches without going over the top (in my opinion) and often get many compliments from their teachers on their healthy and well-thought-out lunches. (Check it out if you need some ideas!) The Easy Lunchbox containers and silicon cupcake liners are a must!

Preschool lunch ideas

However, my older two? They pack their own lunches in the morning. After many complaints about what I put in them and who liked what, we came to a crossroads. And then one morning, before I had a chance to get started, the oldest started packing her lunch. It turned out she was pretty good as it and so was her sister! And, so they started packing their lunches along with picking out their clothes.

Here are some of their lunches from the week.

Lunches for Kids packed by kids

Some days are lighter than others and they want a snack when they get home.

Easy Lunches for Kids packed by kids

Other days are little less colorful.

Easy Lunches for Kids packed by kids

And some are so colorful.

Easy Lunches for Kids packed by kids

I tried fighting that battle and it turned out to be silly. They are happy wearing what they decide to wear (of course, making sure it is appropriate for the weather and to be called clothing) and I realize that they are dressed very similarly to their friends!

To help them out in the morning, I made them a check list of everything they should complete (they thought watching TV was something they should be doing in the morning). Feel free to grab this google doc printable and edit it if you’d like before printing. We have it on our fridge inside a sheet protector with a dry erase marker so they can check it off everyday.

Morning Check List | Kids getting ready in the morning

I know some people think it’s crazy that the girls pack their lunches, but it works well for us and helps have happier little people and a happier mom in the mornings.

Do your kids pack their own lunches?


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  1. I’m impressed beyond measure!! I am always running around in the am and to think your kids have time to color and/or exercise?!? That’s amazing time management! And the lunches? Wow. I need to step up my game. *kicks rocks*

    1. No rock kicking allowed. And they aren’t perfect lunches all of the time. I should mention that most mornings they wake up on their own at 6am and the bus comes at 7:20, so they have quite a bit of time!

  2. Wow! They do a really great job! I think it’s great that they fix their own lunch. From the pictures they have learned a great deal about healthy eating from their parents.

    1. I assure you, there have been many lunch items removed and still removed!

  3. pat chance says:

    wow, the girls make great lunches. Mommy taught them well. I like the chart idea for sure.

  4. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Wow—I have never been that organized about anything! The YoKids are a great addition to lunches. I also like to give the kids choices—all healthy—like, white cheese or yellow cheese? Strawberry yogurt or blueberry? Raisins or dried cranberries. Any “choice” amounts to the same thing, but it is a *choice*!

    1. Yes…letting them think they are making a different choice helps a ton! I just had to remind my mom that asking a question where “no” can be an answer isn’t a good one with kids!

  5. What brand are the brightly colored containers? Are they leak proof? I like the sizes of the compartments.

    We use the EasyLunchBoxes, but if she puts her lunchbag inside her backpack, it means the ELB is on end. That means the silicone cupcakes liners don’t do much good. Do you not have that problem? Do they carry their lunchbags separately so they can be kept right side up?

    I’m also curious about the goldfish in the first picture. I find that if I put something moist (what are those? peaches? mango?) in the same compartment with crackers, the crackers get soggy even if they aren’t in contact with the fruit. Is that not your experience or are your kids less picky than mine? 🙂

    1. They are GoodByn brand ( They have a pretty tight seal, but I’ve never tested them with liquid. Definitely tighter than the EasyLunch Boxes.

      We use lunch containers that let them lay flat, and they slide them in their backpacks so they stay upright, or they carry them separately. They are picky about the mixing if it happens, so they are pretty careful.

      That first picture the goldfish are with mangos. They don’t get soggy. I do notice they can get soggy with grapes and strawberries when I rinse them. So, I avoid them all in the same container.

      They are quite picky! Which is why they pack their own lunches:)

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