Children explore the world with their mouths


Kids. They put everything in their mouths. And then, even more on top of that. It’s part of the way that they learn. Case in point? Sand at the beach is much tastier than the snack bar in her hand.

eating sand

Part of our job as parents is to make sure that the things that they put in their mouths won’t harm them. Because they will put pretty much anything in their mouths. One of those things (among many others) we don’t want our kids putting in their mouths (or playing with at all) is liquid laundry packets.

laundry packets

I’ve recently become an ambassador for the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) and their KEY initiative is to inspire people to take a pledge to keeping a safe laundry room.

Take the KEY pledge

The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) is committed to raising awareness and education around laundry packet safety and we all play a role in helping prevent these exposures from occurring. These unique packets contain highly concentrated doses of detergent so that consumers can easily and consistently use the right amount for their laundry needs BUT a recent ACI study found that 86% of caregivers are improperly storing their laundry packets which can be incredibly harmful if swallowed or gets into the eyes.

Like any household cleaning product, laundry packets must be kept out of sight and reach of children. We forget sometimes that kids are so curious and might leave them out, not realizing that they look very appealing to little kids. Additionally, we need to make sure we keep them in the original containers to prevent little hands from reaching inside. It’s important that we remind friends and family that they should keep their laundry packets out of sight and reach of children, too, especially if they don’t have children. It’s hard when visiting family and friends, but it’s necessary to keep the packets hidden away.

Keep a safe laundry room

Are all of your laundry detergents and packets out of sight and reach of little kids? Will you take a pledge to keep your laundry room safe (there is a huge prize for one lucky person that takes the KEY pledge!)

Education is the KEY to injury prevention. We want to make sure that all households are safe and that all laundry packets are up and out of reach of children, so please make sure to pass this message along to friends and family!

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  1. I agree! I’m still al liquid laundry detergent, up in the cabinet for this reason. I did use the short-lived TIDE tabs when I was in college because they were easy to transport. Red didn’t often put much in his mouth, but I’m waiting on Baby Girl to see how she goes!

  2. My daughter was such a stickler for safety that I was able to be a bit lazy with my baby-proofing. But this baby boy is another story! Great tips, thanks!

  3. I keep mine up too. I was given a set and really understood much better how they could be attractive to children after seeing them in person. I’m not sure my 2 year old would have left them alone.

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