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It’s taken me a while and lots of body shape changes (fat kid, in-shape kid, in-shape adult, pregnant mama, breastfeeding mama, repeat a lot of times), but I think I’ve finally figured it out. Those numbers and letters on clothes tags? They don’t mean a darn thing.

I can grab a 5 pairs of size 6 jeans at a store and the can range from, I.can’ to woah, I can put another person in here with me. Which means, in theory, I could grab one lucky size 2 and it will fit, or I might need a size 12.

So yeah, those numbers don’t mean a thing. The more I try on clothes, the more I realize it. And, I’m happier, too because I’m not stressing about fitting into a certain size. Instead, it’s about how it fits, how it looks on me, and most importantly, how I feel.

eshakti jacket

I was recently introduced to eShakti, the only online women’s fashion apparel company offering size 0-36W and custom clothing. They cover all of the bases with their sizing and put all of the measurements on there for you. Even better? They allow for customizations of all of their clothes. So, you start with a size, and then get a ton of options to make it your own. You can change sleeve lengths and styles, dress lengths, swap out hemlines and necklines, and a myriad of other options. So even though you start with that number, you can really make sure that your clothes are going to fit.

eshakti custom order

I lucked out with my awesomely bright pink jacket. The measurements were just so that I didn’t need to tweak it at all! The girls are still bigger than normal thanks to feeding Miss B and I still like the fit.

eshakti jacket

(This is why a mom taking pictures is too much. Kid bending over? Hubby snapping a picture when I’m fixing my hair. Whatever. Look at the jacket, please!)

Sign upwith eShakti and get $25 OFF your first order!

Find eShakti online on Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter.

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  1. Nice coat….I agree with the size means nothing! It is amazing the different sizes I have in my closet and they all fit!

  2. teresa mccluskey says:

    First off the pink jacket is way to cute!! I want one although I am not sure my full figure will pull it off! My kids are always photo bombing my pix, never fails! and My husband never takes the pix at the right time!

  3. Very cute jacket. Yeah clothes sizes are crazy. I know all my regular brands and the sizes that correspond to them.

  4. I was out shopping a few weeks ago and grabbed a pair of jeans in my size and well, let’s just say their idea of what a size 4 is and an actual size 4 are two completely different things! Theirs was like a size negative 2.

  5. I love eShakti. They have some of the best dresses. I love anything custom.

  6. You are so right. And that jacket is so cute! LOVE the color!

  7. You look amazing!!! I am a sz. 14/16. I am coming to the realization that size really doesn’t matter. It’s more about how you take care of yourself and how you carry yourself. Ofcourse your heart is the most important thing. I do love the idea of this company! I am going to have to check out!

  8. I love the coat! And the color.

    I’ve seen the same thing with size going on with my daughter. She can wear a size 1, 2, or 3. And sometimes a size 5. She’s 15 though, so the numbers don’t mean a thing to her. The numbers on the scale do though. -_- But that’s another story. 😉

  9. I love the color and cut of your coat. It looks great on you. I have tried eShakti in the past and was pleased as well.

  10. I absolutely love that coat! You look fantastic too – great color on you!

  11. I was laughing at the last commentary on the picture…kids are always photobombing and hubs are clueless. I love how you can customize your own size all clothes should do that!

  12. I love that color on you!! That jacket is something you will get so much use out of for years to come! Really looks great on you!

  13. That’s a gorgeous coat and it looks great on you! I agree with you about the size…it means nothing!

  14. The jacket looks great on you! I love how that color pops. I took a look at their website and really like what I see. They have absolutely beautiful dresses.

  15. Wow I love that you can totally customize every aspect of the garment. That alone would make it worth it for me.

  16. I’ve never heard of this company before, but I love the concept! I don’t care about the size either – as long as it looks good and makes me feel good, it doesn’t matter!

  17. Love that jacket! You’re right… size mean nothing. I have a size 12 pair of jeans and a size 6 – both fit the same. Shrugs…

    I have heard and seen so much about eShakti and I have yet to try it out. Must do!

  18. Thanks for the discount!! I love the jacket, love the bright colors. And you’re so right, the numbers DONT MATTER! Especially the 12’s and 14’s I sometimes have to wear.

  19. I have worked with reviewing eShakti clothes in past, they have some amazing selections. I love what you chose. Great option for you, and wonderful color choice.

  20. I am totally loving the color. And I definitely thought you were posing in the last picture until I read underneath, lol.

    1. HAHA! I’m so not a fashion person at all! I feel like a quack!

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