Why we didn’t go back to school shopping for clothes


Yes. You read that right. There has been no purchasing of back to school clothes for the girls this year. 

It’s not because we can’t afford it. And, it’s not because we are mean.

It’s just because their closets are literally bursting at the seams…wait, maybe that’s figuratively. They are set with clothes. There are always so many good deals online that my mom can’t pass them up and sends them along. And, there are definitely deals at the beginning of the school year!

Looking through their closets and at the newest styles, I know they will be just as cool, hip and trendy as the next kid (until they spill their PB&J on their shirt or lap, which is bound to happen!). Jeans and shirts always win!

old navy back to school shirt


old navy back to school jeans

That’s largely what their back to school, already have in their closet wardrobe is made up of. The Old Navy deals are too good to pass up and they always seem to have the same or similar styles which I like.

When we do buy them clothes, we go for the traditional looks (I know, I dress them like a mini me) of solid/simple pattern tops and solid bottoms. That way everything matches, and they have a better chance of success dressing themselves! When you have three kids and have to get out the door by 7:00am, you need all the help you can get!

How many pairs of pants do your kids have for back to school? I’m leaning towards keeping that number small this year and getting their use out of them!

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  1. I haven’t done a traditional “back to school” clothing shop for my son either. His growth spurts this year meant buying new clothes in the spring and summer and most of his jeans and shirts are still in mint condition and fit well. We’ll likely do a mid-winter shopping trip instead.

    1. Yep, I have a feeling when it cools off we’ll be shopping again.

  2. My son is in uniform which I am so thankful for I don’t have to spend a lot of money on clothes but on the flip side when we go out on the weekends he has nothing to wear lol

    1. I wish they would do uniforms. We’ve done them for the past three years and it’s nice..and then we had less clothes to pick from for the weekend.

  3. I just stocked up on pants for the boys. My boys aren’t allowed to wear jeans to school (dress code) and Old Navy has great khakis. Unfortunately my boys go through them like water. Lots of holes in the knees. So, when they go on sale (like right before school starts) I stock up. 😉

    1. Yes, the Old Navy khakis were great the last three years when we did uniforms (I wish this school did)..they are usually like $10 or less, right?

  4. Old Navy has such cute stuff. I did get my kids clothes for school, mainly because I love shopping for them rather than myself.

    1. Oh, Amen. I spend any money I have on them instead of me. Hate shopping for me!

  5. My boy’s closets are pretty full as well! It seems they generally need jeans much of the time. They wear out the holes in the knees so fast.

    1. My oldest went through a phase of sliding on her knees across floors? Drove me crazy! I wanted her to keep the hole-y pants to remind her.

  6. Unfortunately, my children wear uniforms and the little one is just starting at the school so I have to buy for her. Each grade wears different color shirts and her sister wasn’t at that school during kindergarten and she attended pre-K somewhere else and had only one pair of khakis. My son is set with about nine uniforms and my middle daughter only needs about four more shirts. I need at least five shirts for the little one and three or four bottoms. And one more pair of shoes for each ’cause since my girls like to wear skirts and dresses some of their tennis shoes don’t look as cute with them. I’ll also need more socks, tights and leggings. I don’t “believe” in uniforms so I like to let them get creative in other areas like the socks, etc. Sigh… now if only my son doesn’t tear up all of his pants before the end of the year we may actually make it through the school year without purchasing too much more.

    Love your post. Wish I could just let them wear what they have ’cause of course my girls have loads of stuff. I, too, shop deals!

    1. I actually wish my kids had to do uniforms. They did them the past 3 years and I loved it. No questions about what they had to wear every day. But different colors would be a little harder. Why distinguish between the kids’ ages?

      But, when my kids did uniforms, they did fun socks, tights and shoes, too!

  7. We have that exact shirt and those exact jeans from Old Navy! Love it!

    We are keeping our numbers low this year too. I always buy as I see great deals throughout the year. Caroline’s elementary school had a dress code change. Their shorts and skirts now have to be to their knees. We have searched high and low. All we have found is 3 pair of shorts. Ahhhhhh!

    1. Well, I guess I have good taste, because your girls are always super cute (and dressed super cute, too!)

      I like to get deals, too.

      That is long. I’m pretty modest for the girls and have a hard time finding shorts for them, but never found anything to the knee!

  8. My girls are wearing uniforms, and for them, it’s no big deal. It’s just clothes. Their strong personalities shine through and distinguish them. I would rather see children in uniforms at school instead of in t-shirts emblazoned with inappropriate or vulgar writing, or in giant shorts with the crotch fallen to the knees.

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