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5 Simple Sleep Tricks for Kids


Sleep like a baby…or a toddler…or an elementary kid. Ha. It seems like it just when we figure out getting them the best sleep at the right time for them, they change! Since there isn’t one sure fire thing, I thought I would share several of the things that are in our bag of tricks. Why? Because sleep is important for all of us!

5 simpe sleep tricks for kids

Simple sleep tips for kids (and honestly, adults, too)

  • The right time.
    • The most important thing is getting to bed at the right time for you. Everybody doesn’t require the same amount of sleep or have the same sleep rhythm. You have to get to bed when you are tired, but not too tired.
  • Lighting
    • I like a pitch black room. One little hint and it totally distracts me. My kids like a little night light, so we started using a dull blue light to help relax them and set the tone for sleep.
  • Aromatheraphy

5 simple sleep tricks for kids lavender essential oil diffuser

  • Bedtime Routine
    • We are creatures of habit, so we’ve started our bedtime routines early. The kids know what to expect and know that we will have calm activities before bed like reading and bedtime songs. If we get all hyper before bedtime, it is harder for them to fall asleep.
  • Quiet or controlled “noise”
    • For me, I like it to be quiet. But if there is noise around (snoring, siblings in the room, etc), we’ve turned to a white noise machine. It helps cover up the noise of one sister waking in the middle of the night or taking a potty trip while not being a distraction.

Are there any other tips you would add for helping your children get a good night’s sleep?

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  1. Ooh, I’d love these for me! I’m a scent person for sure. Whenever I’m stressed or have a difficult time sleeping, I reach for my spa oil or lotion. Lavender is a favorite too.

  2. Routine works for us. We do a wind-down activity like snuggling in our bed and/or reading a book and it works wonders.
    Our early riser is turning into a good sleeper.
    However, I wake up around 4a whether I need to or not!

  3. A soft or squishy friend helps our girl fall asleep. Right now it’s Elmo, but I know as she gets older her preference may change.

  4. Stephanie Phelps says:

    Wow I have never seen this but I know it would help me so I know it would help my kids! Yes, keeping a routine is always at the top of our list to get the kids calm and ready to relax before bed! Other ideas I really have nothing more than what you have posted!

  5. My baby loves to nap after a baby massage after a shower and it puts him to sleep very easily. i have been using the natural baby massage oil and it has worked great for me.

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