Once is enough, Sasafras


When I go back to the year we got our cat, Sasafras and start calculating, I can’t believe she’s already been with our family for 12 years (and that I returned her predecessor around that same time, too!). She’s been with us through many moves, and babies and she still puts up with us.

runaway Sasafras

Sometimes she acts like she doesn’t like them, but we know she does.

When I was pregnant with the oldest, a neighbors cat came to our door right as I was going outside. Something happened and Sas got spooked. But, instead of running back into the house, she ran out of the house. For most cats, I wouldn’t worry. But our cat has bum knees and never went outside. So, I ran after her yelling for her and calling for her. Barefoot. Pregnant. Outside.

I was a hormonal mess and couldn’t find her. Which, of course, I projected onto my unborn baby.

I reluctantly went back to the house planning my “lost cat” signs.

I walked into the kitchen, and there she was. Staring at me. She did a little head nod and a little ‘sup, mom?


Two weekends ago, the garage door was left open and we couldn’t find her again. But now, our oldest is super attached to the cat. Most nights Sas sleeps with her. Our oldest was super upset. We were all canvasing the neighborhood trying to find her. I decided to come and check the house one more time.

My last pass was checking under the beds. Yep. You guessed it. There she was again “‘sup, mom? Why are you looking at me like that. Could you put that bedskirt back down please?”

Call off the search party. She’s been here all along.

Yeah, we love her, that crazy cat! And we want the best for her.


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  1. Our cat is an indoor cat and I’ve had a couple of freak out moments where we thought she had gotten out. We love our cat almost like a child. She really is a significant part of our family!

  2. So glad she was just hiding. I remember when zoE was missing…for a WEEK! I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, it was awful. I love that our girls love fur babies!

  3. “Kitty,” as Red named her, was a rescue a little over 2 years ago. A family bothered to chip her, fix her and feed her, and then moved to FL and threw her in the woods… where she lived outside for 6 weeks. My friend’s mom took her in, and now she’s my little lover. Skiddish around most other people, she snuggles me at night and screams for me to pet her while she eats 🙂

  4. We have one cat name Scarlett. I think she has screws loose in her noggin because she loves to run and slide into walls around the house.

  5. pat chance says:

    come to think of it this litter must work really good. I don’t remember even smelling the litter box when we were there a few weekends ago. good to know if we ever get another cat

  6. Melissa M says:

    We just adopted our 1st kitty in Dec. She is a 4 year old fat cat lol

  7. I have 2 feline friends! 1 is Grayer. He’s gray and is pretty fat! Such a snuggle bug, though! The 2nd is Buttercup. He’s an orange tabby and is pretty skittish. He only likes my 11 year old daughter.

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