Everyday choices: The path to health and fitness


Although I have entered the program and received complimentary product and ZonePerfect promotional items, I am free to comment about ZonePerfect in a positive, neutral or negative fashion.

Earlier this year I wrote a letter to myself. A reminder to slowly get back on the getting fit wagon and taking care of myself.

So, here’s the thing. There have been ebbs and flows. We were doing great working out with a tape or on the elliptical. Then we went to Houston, and then I went again, and then we went to Orlando. Then, well, life. And things. All the things. 

The good news? I’ve been sticking to the dairy and gluten free diet that I started in February for B. It helps me make great snacking choices (ahem, fruit) and stops me from eating a lot of other things. With that, I’m back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and maybe a couple or two more pounds. 

The bad news? Even though I’m lighter, I know I need to tone it all up and make it take up less space. Muscle? Firm. Fat? Jiggle. I want to lose the jiggle. 

Of course fitness and health aren’t a “diet”. It’s every day living and life. It’s making a choice every minute of how to eat, what to eat and how to behave. 

Zone Perfect bars are tasty with minerals and healthy ingredients to keep me going while being aware of what I’m putting into my body. They are conscientious of well-being and taking care of all avenues of our health.

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  1. I love Zone Perfect bars. They are a great go to snack, for us busy moms.

  2. mrs. hils says:

    Everyday I thank my lucky stars that my man cooks healthy food for us almost all the time. I should probably do a little more to take charge of my personal fitness. Actually, I have started working out two days a weeks with co-workers after school.

  3. Fantastic, Krystyn! I love to hear people succeeding at their goals. It’s so inspiring. I wish you all the success as you continue to reach for your goals.

  4. I try to eat plenty of fruits and veggies and cut down on the sugar. I like to take walks with my kids everyday, and by myself I sometimes run or do aerobics.

  5. Julie Waldron says:

    I just started working out at a gym with my two daughters, my MIL & SIL. Hopefully we can all keep each other motivated. 😉 My daughters & I are going to a yoga class starting in November, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do & my girls are on board too.

    1. Yoga is amazing! I was in my best shape when I was doing a cardio class and yoga class in the same semester in college. I need to get back to it!

  6. I try to walk daily, and I take vitamins and minerals daily, and we try to make a few healthy smoothies every week in order to stay healthy.

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