Mommy and Me Monday- The 20th Edition


It’s time again for Mommy and Me Monday. Pop out from behind that camera and capture yourself in action with your kids.  Check out the inaugural Mommy and Me Monday for more information.

Congrats to rache on winning the UVSkinz giveaway.

We got our shaved ice!  Woohooo!  Were they worth the 3 hours stuck in Houston traffic while hurricane Alex parked his behind over the city and flooded the freeway?  I don’t know.

But, they were pretty dang tasty.

Of course, I got my blue bubble gum.  I ordered clear grape for the girls, oddly the cup says ‘Glear Grp’.

Thankfully, they take after their mommy…they love them, too.

mommy and the girls eating shaved ice  

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  1. I’m sure that it was the Glear Grps that made the long wait in traffic well worth it!

  2. Super cute, as always! Hope you’re having a fun, safe trip!

  3. Shaved ice is the best! Great pic of you girls…hope you are having a wonderful, safe trip!

  4. Sometimes shaved ice is worth risking everything over! LOL

  5. Mmm I love shaved ice! Looks like the girls enjoyed theirs……Fun trip!!

  6. wow! you really had fun with your girls! cool shaved ice there!

  7. I felt so bad when I heard you got stuck in all that traffic (I saw Steph Friday night and she told me)
    Glad you made it safe though!
    See you tomorrow!
    Cant wait to meet those cute little red heads!!! (and of course see you!!!)

  8. What a beautiful photo of you and your girls. I, too love shaved ice, but my favorite flavor is cherry. Three hours in traffic is awful… you poor thing, but it sure does look like you are enjoying yourself and that it was worth it.
    Glad you were all safe during the hurricane.

  9. Whew, I almost forgot it’s Monday already. Got a little busy tutoring my 5 year old who is very excited to go to school lol. I love this shot, your beautiful daughters are always game on photo session hahaha.

  10. I called my mom this weekend and she said she and the dogs were swimming…and not the fun way!

    I hope you are enjoying your trip! Shaved ice is on my list for our trip in a couple of weeks! I’m counting down!

  11. uhm i am sorry…clear grape?? dude you are on vacation!! i want pictures of the girls covered in purple!!!

  12. Shaved Ice are the greatest. We have a place by our house that puts cream in them. Another place makes them with Agave Nector syrup instead of sugar. I’ll just stick to the good old sugary syrup without the cream – Tiger’s Blood for me.

    This is my first time joining in. I love that you do this and get pictures with your girls all the time. I am making it a goal to join in more often.

  13. Stephanie says:

    Love, love, love their hair! I cannot get over it! So precious.

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