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Topgolf: An actual family outing | Mommy and Me Monday | 547th


The family was invited out to Topgolf Midtown after they reopened with new safety measures. It was the first time since March our family had gone anywhere together other than a hike. After reading their safety measures and precautions, we decided it would be a fun family outing to check out.

Kids At Topgolf

So, we put on our masks and headed in at our appointment time. (Pro tip…make an appointment time for a bay. When we were leaving, people were being told there was a 3 hour wait!).

Topgolf safety measures:

  • Face masks are required throughout the venue. You can remove them while in your bay.
  • Dividers are placed between bays. They are clean between guest use.
  • All touch screen, clubs, doctors, etc. or clean between guest use.
  • Employees wear face masks and gloves the entire time.
  • Social distancing is promoted through the use of designated spots to stand at when checking in and directional traffic flow.
  • Food and drink is available through the use of a digital menu.
  • The bar and bar patio is closed.
  • See all of their precautions here.

safety precautions at topgolf during covid

Once we were in our bay and able to socially distance from other patrons, we took off our masks and got situated with our game. If you’ve never been to Topgolf, it’s like a gamified driving range or like a combination of golf and bowling. One huge advantage is that you can take as many of your turns as you want at a time. So if there is a potty break or somebody is eating, another person can have some of their turns. 

Family At Topgolf

There are targets and places to get the balls to get points. And all of the bays are considered outside which is nice. It was a beautiful day for golfing outside while having access to cold drinks, hot food and restrooms. 

topgolf course

We were worried they wouldn’t have clubs for all of our different sizes, but they had clubs for kids, men and women. You could also bring your own if you have them. 

selecting a golf club at topgolf

It’s a good thing Mr. Serious had a) been here before and b) had some ideas on how to hit a golf ball with a golf club. I pretty much had none. 

dad helping kid at topgolf

B’s favorite part was getting the ball to come out of the ball dispenser for the next hit. She also asked if she could go back in December for her next birthday. She also liked hitting the ball, but we could all use a little more practice. 

kid golfing at topgolf

The food

As mentioned above, there are no paper menus. They have placed a QR code on the table so you can see the menu on your phone for ordering convenience and keeping things clean. We started with the hummus and chips, salsa and queso.

hummus at topgolf
The chips and salsa and queso were devoured by the kids. They left the veggies for me!

queso and chips at topgolf

For dinner, the family had burgers and chicken sandwiches and I went with a modified Cobb Salad. Y’all…this chicken was marinated and it was so good. I find that salads typically have boring grilled chicken on them, but this was really good. 

cobb salad at topgolf
And dessert…they had injectable donuts. I mean, when that’s an option, you have to let everybody try it! They had fun injecting their donuts with the flavor of their choice and of course, eating them!

injectable donuts at topgolf

We definitely felt like they made great safety measures to keep both patrons and employees safe. Everybody was following their requirements so we were able to have a fun family outing that as enjoyed so much!


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  1. I’ve never hit a golf ball this hard before. Mini putt putt is the extent of my golf skills. Glad you guys had fun!

    1. Same! And I still didn’t hit it that hard and whiffed a bunch of times!!!

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