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We celebrated another quarantine birthday this past week. This time, it was for Mr. Serious. (Which prompted the girls to ask if their birthdays would be impacted by the pandemic…to which I replied honestly, “I think so, but I wish it wasn’t the case.” We didn’t dwell on that, and instead celebrated his birthday with a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, chocolate ganache and m&ms. It was a chocolate explosion. 

Freshly frosted cake

N made the cake and found a different frosting recipe which was 1000% better than the previous one. It was so much easier to spread and looked so pretty. (We’ll have to work on the cleaning of the cake spinner for next time!)

She made homemade ganache and covered the cake with it (as requested) and then wrote out Happy B-day with m&ms. 

Happy birthday chocolate cake

B made confetti poppers with her oldest sister…I had no idea she planned to crack them on Mr. Serious’ head when he was opening his cards and presents. She thought it was hilarious. I mean, what’s funnier than tiny scraps of paper all over your dad’s head?

Mr. Serious got confetti'd


Pinball and video games private event

Mr. Serious wanted to rent out a local pinball and video game store (?) arcade (?) so we did a 2 hour private event and played all of the games we wanted. Yeah, he and B loved playing Lethal Enforcers….not my choice, for sure. 

After a late picked-up dinner, it was time to sing happy birthday and have cake. Being the planner that I am, we definitely didn’t have any regular candles. At one point, I was sent some candles that spelled out NETFLIX. The only ones that remained were X-E-F and L. Mr. Serious said “oh, those spell out FLEX” and that’s what we put on his cake. 

Happy birthday Mr. Serious, aka flex

{Turns out the forward facing camera sitting on the windowsill doesn’t take the clearest of pictures…oh well, at least we were able to capture all of us.}


Happy birthday with candles

Happy Birthday, Mr. Serious! We love you and hope you enjoyed your day. 


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