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Things definitely look different at the start of this school year. I can only think of one thing similar between this school year and all previous starts of school years….back to school shopping! The kids, be it at home and on camera, in person or some mix of the two still need to have their school supplies and clothes. Back to school shopping during a pandemic looks different, absolutely, but it will still be happening here…or maybe my kids are the only ones that grew at least 3” since March.

Dicks back to school pandemic shopping

Thank you to DICK’S for hosting a virtual showcase and tour of the store and trends as well as sponsoring this post. 

In class or on camera, kids still want to express themselves with their back to school outfits and first day choices.Here’s what’s on the kids back to school during a pandemic shopping list. First day outfits make a statement (you know they are still putting that first day outfit on whether it’s in person or on camera) #YourDayStartsHere. So let your kids shop around and find some goodies within your budget.

New Clothes

I’m not sure if it’s a result of us being home most of the time, or just the recycling of trend, but according to DICK’S Official Back to School Looks + Style Shop, it seems like a big part of the clothes kids and teens are looking for is all about comfort.


From bike shorts and oversized sweatshirts to sweatpants or work out pants and comfy t-shirts, they’ve got comfort with a side of personal style on the top of the priority list. What decade are we even in? They weren’t kidding when they said clothes and styles will come full circle.

Teen female clothes at Dick's

To get more bang for your buck, many outfits are able to be mixed and matched to create more clothes looks and options without buying a ton of pieces…and of course sharing, if that’s allowed. 

teen male fits at dick's

In addition to teen and adult sizes, DICK’S also carries shoes, clothing and more for kids and youth. Keep them comfy and in-style with some great back to school finds in the kids section. 

youth styles DICK'S

Also, make sure to check out the DICK’S DSG line. The clothes come in sizes kids xxs all the way to adult xxl. So, it’s going to cover the whole family and it’s very reasonably priced. Many of the DSG line items were made to mix and match and even cover the ages so I can get a Mommy and Me outfit where we all match! You can get the whole family on trend with the latest looks. The purchase of DSG items also results in a donation being made to youth sports. 

DSG at Dick's

New Footwear

The beginning of the school year is one of the times we definitely get a new pair of athletic shoes. Summer is typically full of sandals and other shoes that are a little more flexible, but athletic shoes really show just how much their feet have grown. DICK’S has Exclusive Footwear and they even share their Sneaker Release Calendar so you know exactly when to login to try to score your child’s favorite new pair of shoes. 

dick's sneaker release calendar

In addition to sneakers, they also have all of the popular styles and brands from Vans to Crocs to Birkenstocks. Again, shoes are coming full circle, because I’m pretty sure some of those Vans were worn by friends in high school. 

Dick's footwear options

Don’t forget to get yourself a new pair of shoes (every 300 miles) for being tech support, supplemental teachers, cafeteria workers, school nurse, PE teacher and more. 

Water bottles

For in-person learning, I’ve read that many schools will have water fountains turned off. For on-camera learning, you want to have water nearby so kids aren’t getting up 100 times during their virtual schooling. To help with this, we will have water bottles for each of the kids on their desks. And, since they are like me, they will want cold water, so we’ll make sure to get insulated bottles so the ice lasts all day. (Have you seen our science fair experiment to see how long these cups keep water cold?) Oh, and they need tightly sealed lids. I do not want to have to replace loaner devices from the school because of a water spill.

water bottles at Dick's

Plus, they can pick stickers on their bottles to customize them and reflect their personalities as well as help us know which bottle belongs to which kid. It’s a nice thing to get a new water bottle at the beginning of the year that isn’t dented or dinged. We might splurge for the bottom protectors (boots) this year, too.


From hair ties and scrunchies to hats, fanny packs, sunglasses, hand sanitizer and licensed face masks, DICK’S has so many accessories to complete a look. So, the next time my kiddos tease me about my fanny pack (aka waist pack) and bucket hat, I’m going to tell them how on-trend I am! Also, don’t forget to pick up a couple pairs of new socks. Nothing like fresh kicks and new socks!

dick's back to school essentials

Backpacks and Lunch bags

We don’t usually get new backpacks every where unless a child needs them. But, if we did need them, this is definitely the time to get them as they are priced just right. While we are doing virtual learning for the start of the year, backpacks will still help them stay organized and also feel like they are going back to school. It’s also a good time to grab a new lunch bag. I’ve heard horror stories of kids that left their lunch in their back from March and it was only discovered this summer. That would be going straight to the trash! Now is a good time to get a lunch bag at a great price.

Dick's lunch box

Backyard Recess + Outdoor Games 

With distance or virtual learning, we need our own backyard recess help. We have balls and some things to do, but I feel like we need to step up our outdoor fun this fall. On our virtual call, several families recommended picking up Spikeball, so that’s definitely on our list. Other fun games include a disc game, American ninja warrior, backyard bowling, as well as soccer goals and more traditional outdoor equipment.

Backyard Recess games at Dick's

Ready to shop?

You can either go on into a DICK’S store (check to make sure your location is open to the public) or head to DICK’S online and start filing your cart. Shop online and use DICK’s Contactless Curbside Pickup or ship to home. It’s easy to see the inventory online so you know something is in stock. 

If you select one hour curbside pickup, it’s easy to place your order, be alerted your order is ready to be picked up and then check in on arrival. You don’t even have to get out of your car.

one hour curbside pickup at Dick's


You will definitely want to download the DICK’S app. Not only do you earn points with purchases but if you sync up your fitness tracker you also earn points based on the amount you move. These earned points will generate coupons towards your next purchase. I typically get a $10 off coupon every month!

What are you getting this year for your back to school shopping during a pandemic? How has that changed from your typical back to school shopping style?

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