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Way, way, way back in elementary school I was in the school choir. Which looking back is pretty funny because I’m not really a singer. Or even vocally inclined. But one thing I will never forget about that experience is our crazy music teacher. She had big hair, a southern drawl and was rail skinny. And she had this stick that she would tap…on the board, on a chair, on the back of the piano. She meant business!

We put on several shows throughout the year with many musical numbers. But they were standard songs. No, she would take a famous or popular song and change the lyrics to fit our school, the season or the theme of the show. One of these was “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music which included the altered lyrics “programs and a choir that really sings, these are a few of my favorite things!”

So anytime I hear or see a reference to my favorite things, I start singing that song. In it’s modified format. Because we practiced it so much it’s still engrained in my brain!

I’ve teamed up with Elaine, from The Miss Elaine-ous Life, to share a few of our favorite things for this month’s Old School Blogging!

Sit down restaurant- That’s a tough one. I like a variety of foods. I’d have to go with either Chuy’s (which started in Austin and I worked at during college) a delicious Tex-Mex restaurant that finally came to Atlanta or Siam Square, semi-local amazing hole-in-the wall Thai restaurant with the best basil rolls ever!


{At Chuy’s for my birthday last year. I didn’t know it yet, but a little Baby B was brewing in the tim!}

Cookie- Oh cookies. How I dream of thee. I’ve been gluten and dairy-free for about 7 months. Which excludes a lot of cookies. The only ones I’ve found that are tasty are made by Enjoy Life. But, honestly, I’d rather just eat a bag of their chocolate chips!

Bath product scent- I’m beginning to wonder how I even got to these questions! Hmmm…I’d have to go with something lavender these days. It’s so relaxing and not too strong. But I do like a little Sweet Pea from Bath and Body Works (also worked there during college, too, and oh, that’s a coupon for $10 off $30, because if you don’t know me…I’m frugal. Okay, cheap. Frugal sounds nicer!)

Tv shows- We don’t have cable. So we’ve missed a lot of trendy shows. Now, we binge watch shows on Netflix. We are caught up on Downton Abbey, Mad Men, Orange is the New Black and almost finished with Breaking Bad. I’ll be asking for suggestions shortly.

Flower/ Plant- This so depends on my mood. I really love our hydrangeas when they bloom all nice and bold. That didn’t happen this year. Of course, roses are always amazing, too.

Bad-for-me snack- Chips. Always chips. Favorite would be salt and vinegar, but I really haven’t met many I don’t like. Also Cheetos, but that whole dairy-free thing has me off them. The best ones? The hot Cheetos. No judging, okay?

Magazine- Besides the random Seventeen magazine that I’m sure somebody sent me as a joke, I only get one other magazine. iBlog. Yes, it’s crazy, but with articles like 30 Minutes a Day to a Successful Blog when I have like 20 minutes a day sometimes? Totally rock my world! I wish I could say something tabloid-y like People, but I just can’t do it. I will indulge while waiting at the dentist’s office, but that’s about it.

Find all the blogger tips and resources you've always wanted!
Hobby (besides blogging)– What is this hobby thing you speak of? I have four kids. They count as a hobby, right? I also design blogs over at Krizzy Designs, but, well that hobby turned into a paying gig. Basically, I stink at this question!

Holiday- Christmas. Has to be Christmas. It’s so special and magical and the reason for the season truly is the best!

Christmas card

Favorite thing to do for Girls Night Out– Oh, I haven’t had one of these in a while, either. Heading to see a show or a musical, followed by a gluttony filled dessert or wine trip is pretty good. Or going for tapas and wine. Okay, or just wine!

Girls Night Out

Favorite thing to do on a Date Night Out (yes, out because some people call it date night at home, and that’s not what I mean!)– Sushi. And maybe a movie. Or a bar. Or a show. Really, any night out with just the hubby is a date, right?

Date Night

Don’t forget to tweet with me (@SeriousKrystyn) and Elaine (@elainea) using the hashtag #OSBlog! We are excited to hear all about your favorite things!

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  1. Stephanie says:

    i like all the same things u do 🙂

  2. I’ve never heard of iBlog! I’m sure I would love it.

    1. Oh, you must check it out! I think they are offering two free magazines with subscription, too! It’s full of great things!

  3. I am right with ya on date night and girls night. When I was pregnant with my youngest I craved Salt and Vinegar chips *they had to be Pringles* and ham and pineapple pizza.. together.. I know I am a weirdo.

  4. I love your list of favorite things and also had similar imprinting of songs from chorus (I am also not musically gifted). iBlog is a magazine I have been interested in checking out for a while – I first learned about them at Blogger Bash this year and it’s been on my list of things to do! Thanks for the reminder and good words.

  5. Erika Sternberg says:

    I like all the things you do.

  6. We have a lot of the same favorite things – I mean even Chuy’s!! That’s SO cool! 🙂 Thanks for hosting with me, Chica! 😀

  7. Wow – a list of favorite things… that would take some thinking… I normally list several of everything! 🙂
    I love that song too, by the way! Sound of Music is still a favorite of mine, years later 😉

  8. This a great list! Loved looking through your favorite things!

  9. angela higdon says:

    Cookie – White Chocolate Macademia..OMG
    Bath scent – Me too!! Sweet Pea.
    TV Show – No way can I live without cable. We cut elsewhere. My favs are Criminal Minds, NCIS, CSI
    Flower – I have no idea lol
    Bad for me snack – Cookies!
    Magazine -Food Network
    Hobby – Genealogy!
    Holiday – toss up – Christmas and Halloween
    Girls NIght – (yeah right) Drink!
    Date night – Dinner and a movie!

    1. Wait..all of those shows are on basic local networks, aren’t they?

  10. Loved reading about your favourite things. I am Downton Abbey obsessed these days. Have you been watching Season 5? It’s out now in the UK, but you can watch it online if you don’t want to wait till January.

    1. I don’t think I’ve started watching Season 5. I felt like 4 just sort of ended.

      I also need to catch up on Call the Midwife. For some reason PBS pulled it and I wasn’t able to get it back!

  11. I used to have a really sweet tooth, but now I have a really bad SALT tooth! I LOVE chips so much. I gave movie theater popcorn as my answer just because, well, I do love it, but also, it’s probably the worst for me thing around!

  12. I have a love affair with chips too! You can have all the hot cheetos you want though as i am not a fan.

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