Turn cardboard boxes into dollhouses inspired by Creative Galaxy


Last year I was sitting in a meeting, open-house style for my oldest daughter and her newest teacher. Once a week, I learned, she would go to this new teacher and have her mind “stretched” in her TARGET class. This new teacher also told us to encourage their creativity and not to stifle it, even if if drives us absolutely crazy!

And while it does tend to drive me crazy, it’s also made me realize that she needs to be doing everything she wants to be creative because she’s done some amazing things!

We’ve recently checked out the newest episodes of Creative Galaxy on Amazon Prime Instant Video with the girls. Not only has it inspired even more creativity from them (painting with candy), it has also shown me ideas to encourage and inspire them.

Creative Galaxy on Amazon Prime Instant Video

One of the episodes shows characters Arty and Epiphany using various pieces from their recycling to make new and fun things. Usually when I receive a shipping box, I take everything out, collapse the box and place it in recycling. Instead, one day, I saved all of the boxes and packaging and placed them near the playroom. I said nothing else.

The girls got home from school, saw the boxes, asked if they could have them and disappeared into the playroom, only once coming out asking to use the scissors.

Turn cardboard boxes into doll houses.png

At that point, I had to peek in and see what they were up to. They had already taped up a piece of the box and made an elevator and were working on other pieces. I casually asked what they were up to and they let me know they were working on a dollhouse.

Using boxes to make a doll house

When they finished, they showed me their completed work and they were so very proud, way more proud than they were of any other project that was guided. They made a dollhouse with working doors and windows, a pony house (not a tall), some awnings, ramps, tables and chairs and more. I just need to figure out how to get some tape to come in our packaging because they used an entire roll!

Using boxes to create a doll or pony house

Our 8 and 6 year olds watched the show with their 2 year old sister. They thought it was fun how they made their food into different shapes to make it more appealing thus fixing their sandwich sale and getting more customers!

While they said characters Arty and Epiphany were “too baby” for them, they watched all of the newest episodes and created more than they usually do. Maybe that was me encouraging more or maybe it was watching the Arty travel around the galaxy creatively thinking through crafts, music and dance. Either way, I think they will be tuning in to see what silly creative project they take on next!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Love making things from recyclables! We recently made Sawyer a cardboard car from a huge Amazon box. It doesn’t take a bunch of expensive toys to entertain children when they have their imaginations!

  2. I LOVE the pony pen. Something I would have done, for sure. And bring on the markers so I can decorate the walls, and give them pictures and bedspreads, and….

  3. We make all kinds of things from cardboard boxes. Bad part is we have all of these “boxes” around now that we aren’t allowed to throw away!

  4. M is such the crafter! She really enjoys “upcycling” boxes of any size into homes for her dolls. I will have to have her check out the show!

  5. Sesame loved the show and I loved the great craft ideas! I can’t wait to see the things he comes up with unassisted in a few years.

  6. we did this as kids and it is so much fun i sort of forgot about it thanks

  7. Oh what a neat and fun idea for the kids!!! I love it! I would love to try this to make houses for Carter and his garbage truck! He loves to go around and pretend he is picking up garbage!

  8. I love this idea! Kids come up with the most interesting projects.
    Creative Galaxy is a really cute show! We love trying to recreate the art projects that Arty and Epiphany come up with – and even though it’s messy, it’s fun!

  9. That is pretty cool. I am trying to get B to be more creative and artsy these days… We are having a blast with his drawings right now..
    (We tried to make a robot the other day with boxes, but our tape just could not hold them up and together!)

  10. Debbie Perkins says:

    We did cardboard furniture, and we have created a monster, Me. I am obsessed, and we dont even own a doll, or have a small child. (My daughter is 25…grandpuppy) ((Sarah had a My Twinn and she wore 3 month baby clothes.)
    Any way, my friends granddughter came over and we cut up a dialysis box (hubs does home dialysis, and we have double wall cardboard boxes for days.) Hmm, bed needs a chair. Lets upholster it. She left beaming, and suffering from glue stick burns. Well, bored, with lots of boxes, left over fabric, lots of glue, and a very sharp Rada paring knife. What is a girl to do. I started cutting and gluing. I haven’t had this much fun in ages. I have made slip covered dining chairs and a table, that she is going to glue together, trim, and paint. A rolled arm upholstered couch (damask, and matched the pattern) a side table with drawers, a round footstool with storage, and cut out a rolled arm chaise lounge that has a drawer last night. Sorry that it is long, but a 10 year old playing with a 56 year old is so dang much fun. She wants to spend her Saturdays with me. I wanted to cry. Spend time with a child, tickle their imagination. See where it goes. Thank you Mama for doing this with me when I was small, and you gave me the greatest gift ever. You taught me to sew, and you taught me to do it well. Here’s to playing ladies! Where is my knife and glue gun, Lauren is coming to play! 🙂

    1. It sounds that you had a great time! And, hopefully, you can do it again, soon. Sounds like there is more furniture in your future.

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