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Cloth diapers.  Utter those words to my mom and my DINK sister and they shudder and think “eww.”  But, cloth diapers are no longer like they were in my childhood with pins and plastic pants.

Nope.  Not at all.  Now, they are adorable, colorful, fun and easy to manage.

I’m slowly getting my head around all of the options (pockets, prefolds, fitteds, flats, AIO, AI2, wool and more).  So, I’m starting with something that is pretty easy…and my friends and SIL use them, so I have a point of reference.  Plus, Christine from Everything Birth suggested pockets were the way to start.  (BTW, she is super helpful answering all of my cloth diaper questions on twitter!)

Everything Birth

My first go round, I picked a Fuzzibunz one-size pocket diaper.

fuzzibunz review

It’s the one on the left in spearmint (it looks a little more turquoise here than it is in real-life) compared to a Fuzzibunz perfect fit size “extra-small” on the right.  Personal point for those that are new, new, new like me.  One-size means that it’s adjustable to fit your baby from newborn to potty training!  So, you can use the same diaper and just adjust it according to their little bodies.  I’ve adjusted the one-size to the appropriate settings (you’ll see below how) so that it’s set to an “extra small” just so you can see the different between the two.

Set to extra-small, the one-size is a little bulkier than the fitted on the right.  But, considering how fast newborns grow (and how tight the little legs can get) I don’t see this being an issue.  All of these pocket diapers have a waterproof lining on the inside. So, this is all they have to wear.  No fussing with plastic pants or diaper covers.

fuzzibunz review

If you open up the diaper, there are four places to adjust the elastic to size it according to your munchkin.  The elastic has numbers and the diaper packaging suggests what you set them all for the right size.  Then, you put the button on the elastic (identical to the children’s/maternity pants with elastic waists) and tuck the elastic in.  There is elastic on each leg and

fuzzibunz review

on the back of each side.

fuzzibunz review

Because Fuzzibuns are “pocket” diapers, you take the insert you need which depends on the size of your baby, or use both (shown here with the additional elastic just in case you need to replace it in the diaper.  From what I’ve read, there is no sewing required..whew!,

fuzzibunz review

And place that super soft and absorbent microfiber insert in the pocket.  You’ve got a diaper ready to go!

fuzzibunz review

Then, once your little one wears it, you remove the insert, and wash it according to the manufacture’s recommendations and let it dry!  And, start all over with the next washing.

fuzzibunz review

I was super impressed on the size versatility of the diaper.  It goes from teeny-tiny to fitting our 32lb three year old (who refused to have her picture taken wearing it.  Stinker).  Easily, I can see this going from newborn all the way to potty and not having to get a different diaper as baby girl Serious grows up.

The lining of the diaper is way soft.  Like a million times softer than any disposable diaper we’ve ever used.  And, the microfiber is incredibly absorbent. It’s so amazing at how much has changed in cloth diapering in the last 20-30 years.

I also tested out the Bummis wet bag.  What a handy little bag.  We aren’t toting around wet/dirty diapers right now, but this is super handy for the pool, or dirty/wet clothes when you are out. It is lined with PUL, a waterproof layer, to keep the moisture inside the bag.  Since it has a drawstring closure, it’s important to make sure it stands up.

fuzzibunz review

I was curious how many diapers would fit in a bag like this, so I took some and shoved them in and surprisingly, I could fit 7 diapers in there with no effort.  That’s like a half a day with a newborn or a full day with an infant or toddler.

bummis wet bag review

I threw this in the wash, too, and it was super easy to clean.  Came out looking exactly the same as the way I put it in.

It’s so amazing at how much has changed in cloth diapering in the last 20-30 years.  I can’t wait to try out all of the different diapering options and see her cute little bottom in all of that fluff!

I’m also very jealous of the diaper parties that Everything Birth does.  They will come to your house and basically show you all of the different diaper types. Of course, if there isn’t anybody close to you, you can order the kit and do your own party.  I’m a hands on kind of girl!  They also have home birth kits and everything else you need to cloth diaper your baby, from newborn and up.

They feature deals and coupons on their site, too, including free products with purchase and even free diapers with a $99 purchase.

And, the customer service at Everything Birth is outstanding.  They shipped my diaper right after the hurricane and I was sent the wrong thing.  The owner called me back almost immediately and sent out the replacement the same day. I really appreciate good customer service and attentive business owners.  It’s so very important!

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  1. LOVE fuzzi bunz! And they’re bringing back their training pants soon…although I’m not sure if it will be soon enough…

    One note – with the dirty diapers, do diapers-only loads of wash. Just trust me. As things get stickier and stinkier, you really don’t want to mix the loads in with regular clothes – nothing comes out feeling as clean as you would think.

    1. Oh, we’ll have to look into training pants. We need some overnight ones!

      Not sure if you are mentioning it because of my picture, or not, but that actually was all diapers (well, and the wet bag). I got a couple hand-me downs, so I washed them all! I don’t think I would put our clothes in there with it!

    2. PPS I know you told me your “stuffing” for night regimen, but can you remind me?

      1. I just know I’ve tried throwing non-poopy clothes in with a small load of diapers to save time…it did not.

        Night time we stuff the diapers with both the short (infant) and long (toddler) inserts, which usually prevents a wet bed if the Little Man doesn’t drink too much! I think it depends on the kid if this is needed – the Little Miss hasn’t needed anything more than the one pad at all.

  2. i am so proud of you for taking the cloth diaper plunge – i just never could wrap my head around it!

    on a side note – i never had a preggers massage. after that whole pedicure inducing labor bit, i was scared of anyone accidentally pushing the wrong button during a massage!

  3. Love it! I’m glad you are planning on cloth diapering this time around. I did it with both boys and of course there is a learning curve those first few weeks but it really is a lot easier (and cheaper!) in the long run!

    1. Maybe you can come and tutor me!

      Which type did you prefer or did you have tons of different ones?

      1. Sure! I really loved doing it!

        I actually preferred different kinds for different ages and times. For new, new babies, you can’t beat an old school prefold. Then to pockets until they start walking. Then fitteds and covers. One thing I will say though is that I was never a fan of Onesize diapers. None of them that I tried (and I tried them ALL) fit my boys from “birth to potty training” like they said. Sad but true. Anyway, you can always email me if you have questions! There is even a local group that meets and talks about these types of things if you are into that. lol

        1. That’s what I’ve heard about the newborns. Prefolds and covers. I hadn’t really heard anybody say fitteds with covers for walking. Funny how everybody is so different.

          I’ve also heard mixed reviews for the one-sizeds. It’d be nice if they work for all sizes and ages, but it’s sort of like a one-size t-shirt. Really? Like it’s going to fit me and my husband?

          I’ve heard of one local group, but it seems they might be taking a hiatus during the holidays!

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