A dog update


The good news is, I’m healing pretty okay after the pitbull chase.  I lost track of exactly how many appointments I had, but I think it was around 7-8 between the orthopedic surgeon (for the fractured hand), and the dermatologist and then the infectious disease specialist for the infection in my knee (you do not want to see those pictures…well, maybe you do.  If you really want to see the picture, here you go!).  By the way, mRSA is really, really painful.  I could hardly walk my knee hurt so bad.  I ended up getting IV antibiotics and then was on oral antibiotics for another 24 days.  Good times.

But, I’ve still been going to the chiropractor because my back and oddly enough, one of my toes has something not right with it (it snapped way back and had a huge bruise for weeks).  And, the spot on my knee is still tender over 2 months later.

So, back to the update.

I went to court on the originally scheduled court date (after calling to confirm nothing had changed the afternoon before).  However, the owners somehow managed to get a continuance without the court solicitor’s approval.  So, I was there, talked to the solicitor and gave him copies of all of my bills, receipts, etc.  He specifically told me “I have everything I need.  Their new date is next Thursday and you don’t need to come back.  Just call me next Friday and I’ll let you know what happened”  I even confirmed that I didn’t need to come back.  I bet you can imagine where this is going.

So, I called that Friday, and I got a returned call.  The solicitor apologized and told me he forgot all of my documentation, or that we had even talked.  Needless to say, my bills, receipts and documentation weren’t addressed.  I asked what my options were and he told me to write the dog owners a letter asking them for restitution or that I could pay $150 and take them to small claims court.

Umm…both of those are less than ideal for both of us.  At this point, over a month later, I just wanted the medical bills paid and to be done with it.  I found out that they did pay a fine to the court and the county and that often, the solicitor waives those fines to that the money can go to restitution.   But, and a big but, they had paid their fines all in full, so the case was closed.

At this point, I’m crying on the phone to this man.  I asked him if he could do anything else.  He accepted blame but just apologized.  I told him I was a firm believer in being able to accomplish anything you’d like, you just have to set out to do it.

20 minutes later, he though of another solution.  “I will first have to ask the court to waive all of the fees I’ve paid.  I will then contact the owners and ask if they are okay with the fees they paid going to you instead.  Then, I can reverse the fees and get them paid out to you.”

This sounds like a good plan and option, so I ask how much their fees were.  Come to find out, they were about $30 less that what I was requesting.  To be done with this, it sounds like a great deal to me.  Let’s do it.

He asks me to give him until the following Tuesday.  I do.  And, he actually calls me.   Everything is finally worked out and I can come back to the courthouse today and pick up my check!

Medical bills paid.  Expenses (mostly) reimbursed!  Thank goodness.

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  1. good grief!!! That’s quite a process. Glad you were persistent and got things worked out and that he remembered the 2nd time to get your stuff done.

    How infuriating that he forgot the first time.

  2. Such great news! After all that, I’m glad things are finally getting taken care of.

  3. OH. MY. GOD.

    Being so new to blogging, I had to go catch up. Oh, my God.

    I’m still not believing this.

    But thank goodness everything is going in your favor.

    I just KNEW you were going to say when you called Friday…they had nothing. Or forgot. It’s a shame when things like this happen and you need help, you still have to basically take on the mindset that if you want it done right, you gotta do it yourself.

    I’m so glad you’re healing up good though…and your expenses are being covered.

    Just, wow.

  4. whew thats quite the ordeal!! I am so glad its all done and your bills will be paid! I hope you continue to heal up! mRSA is tough stuff.. I didn’t have that but a really bad regular staph infection in my c-section and it was miserable!!

  5. wow… what a crazy roller coaster for you! that is just awful about what all you have gone through but I’m glad that things are being paid back for you!

  6. I’m glad you are getting your bills (mostly) paid – that must be a relief! What about the dog and the owners of this dog though – is he (the dog) still in your neighborhood?

  7. Wow, what a mess! Glad to hear your bills are paid though, but still. I hope you’re all better soon. What a pain, literally.

  8. It stinks that you had to go through so much, but I’m glad that it was settled to your benefit (mostly). Way to stick to your guns and get a positive resolution, proud of you, girl!

  9. Good for you. You had the tenacity to stick with it and not give up. The legal system is so crazy, isn’t it? Glad you got your bills paid and that you are healing.

  10. Wow mrsa, I had no idea you were dealing with so much. I am glad that it seems to be all over now.

  11. How horrible that this happened to you, and while pregnant! That is just unforgivable. It sounds like the situation won’t even be fixed now? I mean, I have 2 dogs, one of them being a Pit Bull. They are trained and friendly because I took socializing them seriously. If one of them, despite my best efforts, became aggressive and/or kept escaping, I would do the responsible thing and put him/her to sleep. I love dogs, I am a dog person. But when they endanger people, something has to be done. If they haven’t by now, which is crazy, I hope they at least got a wake up call and have gotten rid of the dog or taken some serious measures to keep it confined or something. Hope you are all healed up soon!!!! So glad the baby is okay.

  12. i still can’t believe this all happened!! so glad it’s finally coming to a close!!

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