when you are chased by a pitbull, and fall, this will happen


alternate title: i’m typing with two fingers…maybe three, so no caps

alternate, alternate title: 2 years we’ve been dealing with this peach of a dog and neighbors

yesterday, during my lunch break, I went out to get the mail.

i made it halfway down our driveway from the front door when i heard barking.  i thought nothing of it.  the dog barks all the time.

then i saw him.  not in his backyard, but tearing around the end of our driveway and right up it.  teeth showing, full on sprint, and barking like crazy.

i did a 180 and high tailed it back to the front door.  but, not planning on sprinting, i was wearing flip flops.

and, then i tripped.  in slow motion, i went down to the sidewalk.  hands and knees first.  and skidded across the sidewalk a couple inches.

i got up, ran inside and pretty much lost it.

i made it inside.  the crazy a$$ dog didn’t get me, but i fell.  is the baby okay is my first thought?

then, i look down and see blood dripping on the floor.  where is it coming from?

ouch, my hands hurt!  there is some of it.  i couldn’t get a picture of my right hand…it hurt too bad.  (my intentions for the pictures weren’t the blog…it’s for animal control).

pitbull chase

then, i realized my knees were throbbing. i noticed my pants (yes, jammies.  mr. serious took the girls to school).  completely torn up.  spattered with blood.  i reluctantly rolled them up to discover another source of blood.

pitbull chase

yep.  knees too. i was still shaking.

pitbull chase

and, seriously, even my toes.

pitbull chase

what you won’t see, because i didn’t notice right away is my shoulder and arm are scratched up.  also, my boob.  seriously, my boob was scraped up so bad it bled, too.

i immediately went to the baby doppler and checked in.  the little bean sounded good, so my body seems to have done it’s job.

then, i called animal control and reported it immediately.  did i mention it was a pitbull?  that was out yesterday?  and gets out all the time?

i got cleaned up and some ice on myself.  animal control came.  they couldn’t catch the dog.  they are supposed to cite the owner, but i’m not sure if they’ve made contact with him.  animal control has been out several times for them, and they’ve only been warned.  hopefully, this makes a difference.

nobody should be so scared for their life that they trip so badly they look like this.  (and, yes, i was scared.  pretty sure the most scared i’ve ever been, and no exaggeration).

my left hand the next day.  hurts like i don’t even know what.

putting my hands and knees in water is out of the question.  it’s like fire.

pitbull chase-day 2

i don’t have a take home lesson here.  it just hurts.  and working and cooking for my family are pretty impossible.  i do think that the owners could at least drop off a little “we’re sorry” note.  but, based on previous experience with them, i’m thinking it’s not happening.

sidenote: i didn’t tell the girls what happened.  they are already scared of dogs (by their nature).  i told them i tripped and fell.  they were so concerned and asked a ton of questions.  the first one izzy asked “mommy, is the baby still okay?”  it’s a little heartbreaking that my four year old has to even think about something like that.

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    1. Turns out they don’t even take them for longer than 10 days if the even bite you. Crazy, right?

  1. Wow Krystyn!
    That is scary! I am so sorry you had to deal with this! I am glad you are no more hurt than you are, but all those scrapes add up! OUCH!
    And don’t even get me started on the dog and the animal control and the owners. Grrr.
    Take care!

    1. The owners…living up to every expectation (meaning, pretty much the worst)!

  2. WOW! That is super scary. I’m so glad you and baby are okay. Minus all of your massive gaping wounds, of course. Why do painful things always happen when pregnant and one can’t take any good meds to help with the pain? Ugh.

    I have a pitbull story for ya.

    My husband was on an early morning run and was running down the street when a pitbull came running out of a backyard and started chasing and growling and snarling at him, in the middle of the street!!! Without thinking, my hubby turned around as fast as he could and started running full boar at the dog barking and chasing the dog. The dog was so startled that it spun around and ran back home. HA! My husband is super scary. 😉 A teenager and her mom were going into church across the street and the teenager said, “That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” Good thing is was my hubby and not me cuz I probably would have just peed my pants and then been eaten by the dog.

  3. Oh, my goodness! How terrible! So glad to hear that the baby is okay.

  4. wow! so sorry you are hurt like that. glad the baby is ok and praying that you will get some help with that dog!

  5. Sara Plays House says:

    OMG. I’m SO sorry this happened and I’m so glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Irresponsible dog owners (especially those with pit bulls) make me all CAPS LOCKY AND STABBY. I’ve known so many well-behaved pit bulls but it’s stories and owners like this that give them such a bad name. Good grief. I hope Animal Control takes care of it. Those people? Should not own dogs. Period. Take care of yourself and I hope the wounds heal quickly. 🙁

    1. You said it best…they shouldn’t own them. And, they totally don’t care. Jerks!

  6. grandma Pat says:

    I am so sorry you are hurt. Once again mommy is too far away to kiss your boo-boos. That dog definitely needs to be taken care of whether they build a taller better fence, keep it in the house when they are not home, or get rid of it. You should not have to be afraid while on your own property. People who have dogs that do this behavior should have a dog like this chase them or their family at some time and see how they feel about it. I hope the neighborhood association and animal control both help with the situation.

  7. Oh my. That is terrible. I hope animal control does something. Call them again and keep calling until you get rid of that dog.

    1. I have records of calls and emails…apparently, only judges can actually take the dog from the owners permanently.

  8. That’s just ridiculous! They should really site the owner. I mean, I would think that you’d even have the rights to press charges if you wanted…or sue…or something drastic because of all that happened. I know that it appears you’re not going that extreme, but it would be the first thing I’d think about as an owner…why wouldn’t they think of it, too?

    They *better* drop off a note of apology. That’s just plain ridiculous.

    So sorry!

    1. they were cited…i *think* i have to go to court on their date and try to get my money back!

  9. Ouch! So glad you called animal control, I hope it makes a difference this time – and yes, so glad the baby is okay and I hope your wounds heal quickly.

  10. Oh Krystyn!

    Dogs like that scare me so badly too. I grew up with dogs so I’m not usually afraid in general but if one is running after me, then yes, I run!

    I’m so sorry you fell and are in so much pain. I sure hope something happens with the owners and dogs where they’re at least made to keep their animal locked up. AT LEAST!!

    Heal well, my friend…

    1. here’s what’s crazy..the dog was IN THE HOUSE! It broke an exterior door from the basement to outside to get out.

  11. I know a few people that could easily take care of the problem! Just say the word…the goons can be called!

  12. Krystyn,
    THAT is scary. I am so glad that you and the baby are okay.
    I cannot even begin to imagine animal control doing nothing over this incident.
    I hope it gets resolved quickly for you.

  13. I missed the announcement that you were pregnant again. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!

    Sorry about the dog. Those things can be super scary. We have a couple that roam freely near our office and have chased some of the biggest men away and/or up on the playground, yes a children’s playground, equipment.

    1. Thanks!

      And, they are super strong…so it’s no wonder people are scared. I’m thinking baseball bat or pepper spray should be in your back pocket at all times.

  14. This is crazy, and could have been even more dangerous. I’m so sorry you had to go through that, and I hope something happens to control that dog permanently.

  15. First off…congrats on the baby news! when did i miss the big announcement? so happy for you guys.
    I think i would have done exactly what you did, hopefully some sort of action will be taken.
    congrats again!

    1. Thanks, Jenny! And, I’m not letting it go, so hopefully something does happen.

  16. Oh. My. Goodness! I hope you take it as far as you and go and try to press charges!!!! I had a similar experience when Jack was an infant (got trapped in the backyard by a German Shepherd while Jack was left alone in the garage!) and it was TERRIFYING! And I’m sure this was even worse being pregnant. Ugh. You know, I’m sick and tired of hearing people talk about how pitbulls are nice and it’s the people to train them that train them to be mean, etc. Pitbulls are mean by nature. They might be moderately well behaved sometimes, but unlike good natured dogs (labs, cute little cockapoos, etc,) they will charge and fight to kill at any time and are SO unpredictable! I hope that dog get taken away. Seriously, I’m like shaking for you just reading this!! I hope you feel better soon! 🙁

    1. Thanks, Em. Still trying to figure out the legal part of it.

  17. Holy crap! That is so scary. Looks very hurty. Man, I hate to be so anti- certain breeds of dogs, but some breeds really do have reputations for a reason. It worries me that my sister has two pitbulls and a two-month-old granddaughter — I worry about the baby. But I never say anything because I know my sister would be mad at me to suggest that her dogs would do anything to hurt the baby! Ah well.

    1. I don’t get that either. I don’t understand the “not my dog” mentality. It only takes a second for them to break!

  18. OMG!! Ouch! I hope you feel better soon! Lot’s of ice and rest! I also pray they catch that crazy dog! Atleast it wasn’t one of your kids!! (Praise the Lord it wasn’t!!)

  19. Ouch! I’m so glad you both are alright! How incredibly scary.

  20. mrs. hils says:

    I’m going to buy stock in the Neosporin company because I think you will be buying a lot of it. Any doggie updates? Owners slapped with a big fine? I hope so.

    1. The citation has been issued, but I still don’t have a copy of it!

  21. Reading this made me feel so sorry for you, im glad your ok, not ate up I mean, sorry this dog caused you so much pain. And I hope the baby really is ok..
    I think it’s a pity when dogs like this keep getting out and the people aren’t fined, in fact I think when something like this happens, the dog should be taken away, because it shouldn’t have happened in the first place. dogs shouldn’t act like that! I have 2 dogs, and both are pretty good dogs(never have tried to bite anyone) and if anything like this were to ever happen I would do something about it myself. I think a dog as mean as that pitbull should be put to sleep.. if I was you I wouldn’t stop till something was done. You were in your own yard! What if it had been a child, that dog may have killed it! Hope you called the police too, with those pictures you should. Please let us know how things turn out, I hope they take that dog away.. You shouldn’t have to live in fear!

    1. no taking away yet. it has to bite somebody, and even then, it’s up to a judge. it’s crazy…and sad…and frustrating.

      1. That is not right.. They should do something.. I love dogs soooo much, I always have, but a bad dog is a bad dog. I have 2 and I love them both so much, but I would not have one that looked for someone to hurt, that’s what that dog is doing.. He will get after someone again.. as soon as he has a chance. Not sure where you live or how far your willing to take it, but there is a law, you should ask them/tell them about it.. you should also get an air-horn to carry, it might not stop him but it will may shock him long enough for you to get away. (if it should happen again) maybe they will, fine the owner and make them chain him up.. I hope so..
        here is that law.. if you told them about it, maybe they would check up on it…
        {animal control officers will now have the power to seize an animal simply for chasing someone}
        LOS ANGELES — The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to approve an ordinance giving animal control officers the right to declare a dog “vicious,” a designation that can potentially lead to the animal being euthanized The new measure changes the definition of what actually makes a dog dangerous, and does not require a severe injury to a person who is attacked by a dog.
        KNX 1070′s John Brooks reports animal control officers will now have the power to seize an animal simply for chasing someone There doesn’t necessarily have to be a bite,” said director of animal control Marcia Mayeda. “But if a dog’s charging at you down the street and you jump on top of a car to get out of the way, that’s a potentially dangerous dog.”
        Under current law, owners of dogs deemed to be potentially dangerous can be forced to either muzzle the dogs and place them on a short leash or otherwise confine them — in addition to requiring the dog to undergo training classes.
        ((But if a dog is determined to be a “significant threat to the public health, safety and welfare,” animal control personnel can destroy the dog under the new ordinance))

  22. If this keeps happening how is it they have never been fined or ticketed? What if one of the girls had been out front? This is just shameful. I am so sorry Krystyn. I wish we lived closer…I could help. I will keep you and your newly splinted hand in my prayers for a quick healing and return to full function. Blessings dear cousin!

    1. Thanks for the prayers. I wish I knew why they haven’t been ticketed/fined. The animal control office (after my visit today) is pretty inefficient, and it seems that they don’t know how to use their software.

  23. holy crap honey!! seriously?? sooo not cool. and so glad you are ok!

  24. Oh Krystyn!! I totally want to come take care of you! If you need ANYTHING, just let me know. I’m sure you’re not so far that I can’t help you out!

    1. Thanks, Lindsay…I’m like a week late, but we survived…on lots of sandwiches:)

  25. How awful, I’m so sorry. Our next door neighbor has a pitbull and two annoying kids to boot, my daughter will NEVER step foot in that house to play. My heart was beating fast as you typed! 🙁

    1. I don’t get owners of aggressive dogs in neighborhoods. If you have land, go for it, but a neighborhood…with kids? I only assume you are up to no good.

  26. Grammy Lura says:

    This is terrible. I am so sorry. I surely hope that animal control does something to stop this. I am sorry that you had such a scary and painful experience. I hope that you will heal quickly. I am glad that baby Serious is doing well through all of this. Hugs, Lura

    1. Thanks, Grammy. I hope they do, too. They’ve issued a citation, but I don’t know anything more yet.

  27. Oh my God, this is just terrible! And probably terrifying. I can’t even imagine! I really hope that animal control does it’s job. I’m so angry FOR you to have to go through this. I hope you’re feeling tip-top soon!!!

    1. Thanks, Nicole…still waiting to see what the citation means.

  28. you poor thing, so sorry. My girls are scared of dogs too. I just dont get the pet owners who let tis happen. A dog scared my daugter on a playground one time, she was afraid to go back there

    1. My girls are terrified, too, which is why I didn’t tell them how I fell. It would have made it worse.

  29. That sounds like just the kind of Pit Bull owner that gives the whole breed a bad name. I’m sorry that happened to you. I hope all is well by now. I have two Pit Bulls Lucy and Annabelle. The one thing any dog owner especially a bully type breed has to realize is you’re dealing with a loaded gun in a sense. Without socializing and taking every single precaution necessary to keep your dog contained, safe and well behaved you’re creating problems for society. If you’re ever in that type of situation again don’t run. The dog will instinctively chase you. Just ignore the dog, keep cool and don’t even look at it to avoid the dog sensing a challenge. If you are comfortable with dogs try talking sweet to it. I know it might be hard to sweet talk a big, barking, teeth showing mongol! But the dog might just lower it’s tail and slowly come walking towards you for a little scratch on its neck. I didn’t sense from your story you were talking bad about the breed, I just love them so much I have to stick up for the APBT every time I can 🙂

    1. Oh yes, the owners are definitely pieces of work. And, they made no effort to care for their dog (I really did feel bad for it). They’ve since gotten rid of it.

      And, since it lived behind us, it would bark all the time at us despite us talking sweetly to it. They did a real number with it.

      They now have two new dogs which started out nice, but with the awesome attention (<-- sarcasm) they give the dogs, they have gotten mean and now bark at our children whenever we go in the backyard. Honestly, I think the neighbors let the dogs out on purpose whenever we go in the backyard.

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