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**Update: I went to the doctor this morning, and everything is fine. Heartbeat is strong, and I’m not dilated. I’m also heading to the chiropractor this afternoon to get realigned. Thanks for all of your well wishes.***

Friday night, I decided to go out to the camera store, sans kiddo to check out my camera choices. I wanted to hold them, feel them and play with them! It was very informative and helpful.

As I was leaving, at a stop light making a right turn, I was rear-ended. Not once, but twice. The lady…not so nice. She said it wasn’t her fault and even yelled at me! Thanks, lady.

I called the police to get a report and make sure everything was properly handled. I don’t think she even knew what to do. No cell phone or anything. While we were waiting for the cop to come, she sent her daughter to me to see what was going on because her mom “broke her wrist.”

Anyhow, the damage isn’t too visible, but I’m still having the insurance company look at the bumper and make sure there isn’t any damage underneath it. Check out the imprint of her license plate here.

And the bumper slightly misplaced here.

And the best thing? She hit me hard enough that the radio fell out!!!

The baby has been moving around, so I chose not to go to the doctor, but I will call today and see if they want to check on things. I’m quite sore, and I hurt my ankle on the clutch! Ouch!


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  1. You’ve got to be kidding me! What a moron…and she “broke her wrist”?! Right…sure she did. Hopefully everything goes smoothly with the insurance. At least some people (you) know what to do in an accident. I’m so sorry that happened though 🙁

  2. What an idiot! I’m glad you got everything properly reported! i cant believe your radio fell out!! weird!

  3. Get to the doctor now! I got hit from behind at week 32, and the doctor told me ALWAYS go get checked out.

    And, if she rear ended you? ALL her fault. ALWAYS the fault of the person doing the hitting in that case (I know. Daughter, sister, niece of insurance agents)I hope you got her insurance information to file a claim with her company. If she broke her wrist, I hope she has personal injury protection, because otherwise, as she’s at fault, sol.

  4. O what a awful way to start a weekend but at least you are fine and HEY what a great new camera! I hope you are not to sore!

  5. Man..that sucks. So sorry to hear,,atleast everyone is ok though! Hope the rest of your weekend was better!

  6. Geez, she blamed YOU? yet she hit YOU from behind???? What a putz!!! I’m sorry to hear it…I hope are okay! I agree with a previous poster, get to the hospital immediately just to be on the safe side.

  7. Well that stinks! Hope everything is okay with you and the baby!

  8. The Gerster Family says:

    WHAT?! She had the nerve to whine about her “broken wrist.” Don’t you love when people don’t own up to their mistakes and act like you are an inconvenience on THEIR day?!

    I’m sorry that happened. Hope you are still doing alright.

  9. No fun at all!!! I’m glad that you are okay though!!!

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