She got in a fight. And lost.


In my Mommy and Me Monday this week, I told you I’d let you know about #2’s incident.

You see, she got in a fight at the playground.

And she lost. 



I’m pretty sure she left a bit of her face behind that day.

That rubber stuff they put on the surface of the playground apparently holds sand really well.  So, not only did her face scoot along the rubber, but it also rubbed across the sand.  Basically, my baby has road rash on a quarter of her face.

The good thing is, she’s a trooper.  She cried for less than a minute, and then she went right back to playing.  And, she hasn’t been bothered since.

The bad thing is today is her 18 month birthday and we will always have that little reminder of her first “fight.”

In all seriousness, she’s really doing quite well with it, and it is healing very nicely.

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  1. It always looks worse then it really is, well I hope that's the case for her!!! Poor girl!

  2. Oh no, poor little sweetie! Sounds like she's doing fine though. Seems to look worse that it was. Hope there are no 18-month pictures planned! 😉 (and even if so, she'd still be cute in them no matter what!)

  3. Oh ouch! We've had many of those run-ins too, I think it's worse on Mommy than baby.

  4. Oh no! Poor baby girl! I'm glad to hear she's such a scrapper!

  5. what a trooper! our little ones are so tough huh. Just brush it off and there they go like it didn't even happen. We can learn a lot from them. so glad to know she is doing ok. Happy WW!

  6. Poor baby girl 🙁 The playground sure did win that one.
    So glad she is doing ok and was such a trooper!!

  7. Oh No!!! You got a trooper for sure! Mine would have cried so much that I would have had to take her home!

  8. Wow – that was some brawl! At least she bounced back quickly! Poor little thing!

  9. it always looks worse than it is…they are just resilient!

  10. Oh, poor baby. Those are the worst kind of ouchies because you really can't put a bandaid on them!

  11. Trooper for sure! It looks very painful. I hope it heals up quickly!

  12. Awwww, poor little Nat…she's on her way to being a big girl…no playground battle is gonna keep her down!

  13. Your poor little doll! She's still adorable, though.

  14. oh you poor sweet thing!! i gasped out loud when i saw your adorable little face!! hope it heals quickly!

  15. Poor little thing. I dread the day that Mia has her first incident!

  16. Bless her little heart…good thing she only cried for a minute.

    That is the hardest part of scrapes for me…the crying. I hate to see my babies upset.

  17. Oh my gosh that looks painful! My 5 yr old happened to be here by the computer when I opened your blog up, all she could say was "owie mom, owie"

    Hope she feels better soon!

  18. Aww the little sweetie. It makes for story telling doesn't it.

    Glad she is healing well.

  19. Of course she's a trooper, she's got you as a Momma!

    I hate going to the Pedi's office with bruises on their bodies, it makes me feel like they are getting ready to report me.

    I hope she is looking better already.

  20. Oh no! Poor sweetie 🙁 But it is AMAZING how resilient children are. My son will fall and I can't BREATHE it looks so painful. And he's wiping away tears and running laps before I can even get over to him.

  21. Awww poor baby. I assume from your story it looks worse that it is 🙂 Still makes my cringe a little to see such a cute face scraped up.

  22. Poor baby girl! That was tough on Mama too I bet 🙂

  23. Awe, poor thing! So glad to hear that she is actually holding up well!

  24. awww! Kids are so resilient though! If that happened to me I'd still be crying!

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