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They are destined to be scientists, just like their mommy.

Look at them with their dry ice experiments.

First, we did the basics.  We put dry ice in warm water and watched the dry ice bubble and evaporate.  (Did you know that dry ice doesn’t melt it evaporates?  It goes straight from the solid phase to the gas phase.  It’s called sublimation.)

dry ice with water dry ice experiment

Then, we added some dish soap and made some huge, fun bubbles.  #2 LOVED it.  She kept asking for “more bubbles,” “more bubbles.”

dry ice and bubbles big bubbles

The coolest thing about the bubbles is that they were filled with carbon dioxide, so when the girls popped them, a little smoke cloud erupted.

And, they loved popping them.

hocus pocus popping the big bubbles

After the “bubbles” with the dry ice (for about 30 minutes), the girls got to see what came in the dry ice!  Yummy, yummy popsicles.

yummy bomb pops so tasty

I actually think they enjoyed the dry ice more then the popsicles.  They asked for the “bubbles” until we were out of dry ice.  They haven’t asked for popsicles again!

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  1. oh that is funny! I love it! Their faces are priceless. Shoot, popsicles are so normal compared to the magical dry ice and smokey bubbles!

    And I had no idea about sublimation. Now I do! 🙂

  2. It’s alive, alive! mwahahahahahaha (mad scientist laugh)
    This was too cool…looks like they loved it!

  3. Looks like so much fun!!! I can’t wait to start doing those things with Mia!!! Have a great Holiday weekend!

  4. Atl Mom Guide says:

    so can I bring my kids to science camp next week?

  5. Your daughter are absolutly beautiful. Just like mommy! I can’t wait for my baby to grow a little bit and to have another one so we can play like that!

  6. My kids would go crazy over this, is there a *convenient* place to get dry ice?

    Great photos, what a cool mom you are!

    1. Cool mom! Are you trying to win bonus points?

      And, I think you can get it at most grocery stores:) Just remember, you can’t touch it. I used an oven mitt.

  7. Is it crazy that I feel smarter for reading your blog today? Love the experiment friend, and the fact that you are making little scientists! 🙂

    Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!

  8. Thank goodness! I finally feel like I can put everything I learned in summer school to use…kinda. I mean, I understood exactly what you were talking about, so that’s got to be good, right?!

    YAY CHEMISTRY CLASS! I *did* need you later in life!

  9. Dry ice is so entertaining for not a lot of money. Those are great fun pictures. And an activity that they will want to do over and over again.

  10. Wow! I wish you were around to entertain my kids too (well…maybe I’d stick around too…)

    1. You only get the good snippets. We do watch some TV around here, too:)

  11. Awesome! I didn’t know you could do that with bubbles. We actually had some dry ice for our ice cream birthday party and did the sublimation thing when we were done with it. Darn, we coulda had bubbles too!

  12. Ooh, cool! You do the neatest things with your kids.

  13. Cute experiments!!! I’ll have to try this one out with Karys one day. They look thrilled 🙂

  14. Very cool! Maybe there’s homeschooling in your future. 😉

  15. Are you the same woman who posted previously concerns about being a summer-time stay-at-home-mom? That looks like Mom of the Year material to me! Such fun! It looks like y’all are having a great summer…and still have a road trip ahead of you!

    1. You are being too kind! We don’t always do super fun stuff!

  16. Jessica Radick says:

    That looks like an awesome and interesting activity for mommy and kids. What a great idea!

  17. What fun! The only experiments I ever did were dry ice/2liter bottle bombs when I was a teenager.

  18. Wow..that looked like alot of fun!!
    Landon would love that experiment!!!

  19. I loved this post! It’s so invigorating to see the wonder and excitement of things through a child’s eyes.

  20. I loved this post! It’s so invigorating to see the wonder and excitement of things through a child’s eyes.

  21. So, so, cool! I would love to try this with my kids.

    1. You should! I bet they love it, too! Just remember you can’t touch the dry ice with your hands.

  22. those have got to be the CUTEST mad scientists i’ve seen! LOL! look at their faces watching the action!

    c’mon, more bubbles! =)

  23. That is so cool! What a fun experiment! My girls would love that! Of course, they would expect dry ice with every popsicle from now on. LOL

  24. dear science teacher,

    please refresh my memory…we can’t actually touch the dry ice correct? i mean this was all at a distant.

    don’t want to attempt till i know all the rules

    1. You can get it at the grocery store here…not sure about Canada, though.

  25. We are SO doing this one this week!!!! I never would have thought about dish soap. BRILLIANT my friend!!

    Oh, and. Want to co-host with me next week?

  26. That is awesome. We’ve never had dry ice at our house before. Maybe I should find some.

    1. You can get it at most grocery stores! Just remember, you can’t touch it with your bare hands. I used oven mitts.

  27. Oh what fun… I wish I was there, it looks like so much fun and I bet there was tons of laughter. Too bad there isn’t a video, my favorite thing in the whole world is the sound of children’s laughter.

  28. Just saw your Super Silly post over at ParentsConnect and wanted to see what else you’ve got going on over here. I’m loving your writing. Add a new reader to your fan list!

  29. LOVE this. I saw it on ParentsConnect and had to come by your blog to check out what else you do!

  30. Oh my! What fun!! I have to say the kids look thrilled. I must dry this with my little man one of these days!

    1. Definitely! You can get dry ice at most grocery stores.

  31. CUTE! As much as popsicles are fun and delish, dry ice is so much more exciting.

  32. LOVE this! What a fun way to introduce some scientific concepts to even the littlest of kids 🙂

  33. We LOVE Dry Ice! I need to get some more because I’ve never added bubbles to it.

    1. Yes, the bubbles make it a thousand times more awesome!

  34. Awesome idea! Not going to lie… I sometimes struggle to come up with fun (and educational) activities to do with my 3-year-old. I think she’d love this. Thanks for sharing!

    1. 3 is definitely a tough age to keep the kids entertained. I saw a tutorial today with “excavating” a dinosaur using a toy and “burying” it in a tub of ice and pouring warm water over it.

      We like to play with shaving cream, too.

  35. mrs. hils says:

    Look at those tiny tot scientists! Hard to remember when the Bigs were the size of the Littles.

  36. nicole dziedzic says:

    What a cool at home experiment for the kids, great learning tool also, looks like a lot of fun.

  37. Julie Wood says:

    How fun! My niece and nephew would have fun doing this experiment. I will have to try it with them! Your adorable kids looked like they were having a lot of fun!

  38. Brenda Haines says:

    This is going to be so much fun!! Thanks!

  39. Sandy Klocinski says:

    LOVE it! Thanks! The kids really look like they are having fun

  40. Richard Hicks says:

    I really like this and a wonderful way to get kids interested in science

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