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Four years ago, I gathered with three other women that I had never met before to start a new blog with a local morning news affiliate. We all nervously sat around a table (okay, maybe me) and got to know each other through that and subsequent meetings and writing for the blog.

That site is no more (sadly, one day it was just pulled, with no warning and no ability to grab some killer content), but what remains is a great friendship. I mean, who else will make fun of your bright yellow sunglasses and then go out and get a similar pair in their self-coined trademark color? Nobody but Meghan!

Cool shades, on

Our girls love to hang out, or I should say, get to hang out when we are up to something fun which seems to be all the time. Plus, they we all get to see each other all over Atlanta, too. And, we look out for each other.

Callaway Gardens

And, get pregnant together. Wait. Not together. At the same time. Well, around the same time. E and her Peanut are just weeks apart! (Here I was very newly pregnant with E and I there was a Peanut twinkle in her eye!)

And, we clean up pretty well, too. Even with a three hour time change in Arizona (at Mom 2.0).

Cool shades, on

Shari’s Berries helped me spread joy to some of the Happy Mama’s in my life. They graciously sent a box of giant chocolate covered strawberries to our room. And, Meghan, being the loveliest that she is, brought them to share with some other Happy Mamas!

I don’t think they liked them at all!

sharing berries

I’m very fortunate to live in an area where there is a very strong and supportive community of bloggers. Bloggers like Maria, too that I can call my friend, that bring dinner when I have a baby and our kids call each other on the phone. Who else will bend their knees ever-so-slightly to make you look just a little taller?

that blogger hustle

I wish I had berries to send to all of my blogging BFFs! I’m so thankful to this amazing community and people that I can truly call “my people” and friends!

Check out Shari’s Berries wonderful assortment of delicious goodies and choose something for the special women in your life who help you find joy on your mothering journey. You can also check out the Shari’s Berries blog (it’s really good!) for fun and inspiring gifting ideas for every occasion and follow them on Instagram (@SharisBerries) and Pinterest (@SharisBerries) to enjoy lots and lots of mouth watering photos!

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  1. Aww. So sweet. I snagged one of those delish berries. Almost stalked Meghan to get another. So good! And I’ll bend for you anytime. Wait. You know what I mean…

  2. Amy Orvin says:

    It’s great to have a BFF! I have known mine since middle school.

  3. What a wonderful community of bloggers- and friends!- you have in Atlanta. A group like that deserves a little strawberry love 😉

  4. It’s so great to have blogging BFFs! To hang out together, proofread for each other and thoroughly enjoy each other’s company! You are lucky to have those ladies … and me! 😉 (haha, totally kidding, you don’t have to claim me!) I love that Shari’s Berries sent sweets for y’all!

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