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I mentioned last week how I was just warming up. The feeling hasn’t changed. And, this weekend, knowing that a trip to Six Flags was on our agenda wasn’t exciting me in the least, if I’m being honest. And, that was when the forecast was a high of 75 and sunny.

But, we went to the grand opening of BoomTown. We met so many Looney Tunes characters.

BoomTown At Six Flags over Georgia

B was so excited and distracted by Porky Pig and wanted to meet him.

selfie with porkie pig

Except that once he was close, she really didn’t.

We got wet and rained on but we had fun. The little two definitely had the most fun because they could ride all of the rides in BoomTown (as well as play on the playground). And, I liked that I could ride the rides with them (even when I was trying not to be nauseous from the spinning).

BoomTown At Six Flags over Georgia

The Acme trucks were a big hit. And, even waiting in line, we were smiles. (Huge thanks to my friend @DesireeMiller for having us stop and grabbing this photo for us!)

BoomTown At Six Flags over Georgia

The oldest and I even stopped to get a picture together on the truck.

BoomTown At Six Flags over Georgia

And N and I took a ride on these spinning boats. She’s lucky I love her…I don’t do spinning.

BoomTown At Six Flags over Georgia

B wanted to ride with her daddy. I think they were both happy with that decision.

BoomTown At Six Flags over Georgia

And we all took a family trip in the Monster Mansion. It was all smiles going in, and a little confusing coming out.

BoomTown At Six Flags over Georgia

BoomTown was perfect for our little kids and entertaining enough for our bigger kids that they had fun. We headed out after lunch for naps and to get dry, but next time, we’ll stay for the whole day and do more of the bigger rides the older two wanted to ride.

We ended our weekend with a nice Easter service at church and dinner with friends which is a great way to end the week and a great way to start the next one.

*Thank you to Six Flags for hosting our family in the park. All thoughts are my own.

What were you up to this week?

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I love all of the smiles, and the girls are getting so big. 🙂 This is my first Mommy & Me post in a long time. I’ve missed it!

  2. pat chance says:

    it’s great 6 flags has a new area for smaller children. this way the whole family can have fun

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