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This summer, every once and awhile, the oldest and I sneak off to my bedroom with an iPad and watch a show. It’s just the two of us. And yes, most of the shows she wants to watch with me are not appropriate for the other kids in the house. And often they make me cringe. That fine line of appropriate, but also would rather her watch with me and ask questions of me. It’s a hard line. 

This weekend, she asked if we could do a face mask and watch some of The Office together. Yes, we started at the beginning. And yes, that first and even second season is soooo cringy, for different reasons. (Episodes like Sexual Harassment, Diversity Day and Office Olympics.)

She brought up her face mask to share. This girl has better skin product then I’ve ever had. 

We got our face mask on (goes on grey and dries more white….we are in different stages here, apparently).

Taking pictures is very hard. First we tried front camera with a flash. 

Eyes closed.

Then we turned on more lights in the room and turned off the flash. I don’t even know what happened here, but this was the snap. 

And she approved posting it, so yes, I’m running with it! And I think the goofy laughing smile is hilarious and perfect and much better than my serious, up-the-nose shot!

mommy and me monday laughing with face mask

We had to try again. She still had the giggles. And maybe the snorts!

cheesing so hard

There it is. That’s the one. 

Now we can finally get to our episodes of The Office.

mommy and me monday smiling with face mask

I can’t decide if it’s better that I’ve seen the episodes so many times that I know what’s coming…or if it would be been better if it was all new to me?

What did you do this week?

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