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If there’s one thing B would want you to know about her, it’s that she loooovveeess crafting. If she sees something sitting out for recycling, she has to make something with it. 

Her favorite thing to make is cat houses. Almost every box that comes to our house becomes a cat house. They become quite elaborate. (This would be a good place to insert a picture of a cat house, but alas, I can find none….so imagine, a giant box, with doors and windows and curtains and landing pads and roofs and more. This isn’t your basic box!)

Wait! A previous cat house picture has been found. 

sophie's house box

Word got out about these cat houses. (It was B…she got the word out!) Her friends know about her creations. And somehow a deal was made for a cat house creation to be gifted to a friends’ cat. Hey, it gets one of these boxes out of the house.

After some texting and planning, I found a time to deliver said cat house to the friend’s house for her cat. Sophie got one last stay over in her cat house and then we were off to deliver it. 

Deliver that box we did, and hopefully another little kitty is enjoying it. 

On the way home, we were driving passed a popular food place that has ice cream cones. These two have been very flexible lately with all of the demands on their older two sisters and haven’t really had a treat time for themselves. 

So, I pulled into the drive-through without mentioning it and they might have lost their minds a little. 

It’s safe to say they were very surprised and liked their treat. 

surprised them with treats mommy and me monday

Case in point, their older two sisters both had races this weekend. (Oh, and we had a broken car that we found out needed replacing; further complicating things!)

Thankfully the races were the same day at the same location. It definitely made for a long morning. 

The oldest and I were up at 5am and carpooled with a friend (her to her bus and then the adults to the racing site). I got a ride for the 12 year old with another family. And then Mr. Serious and E and B came up to the race right before the 12 year old actually raced. 

E and B immediately made themselves very comfortable. (I don’t usually bring a chair. I never sit at the races…so Mr. Serious brought a chair for me. You see how I used it? HA!)

getting comfy at the race

Once it was race time, we were up and cheering all around the course. Our team has a photo album where anybody can submit pictures and I found this one. It’s not our kid in the shot racing, but I thought it was pretty cool to have the rest of us in the picture!

mommy and me monday spotted in race pictures

After the race, we found a spot to eat outside. Then we were all pretty exhausted. It was hot and humid. E and B think I’m a giant pillow and snuggled up on me. Then asked for a picture. 

relaxing after race day

It was a long day, but a good day. Both the girls had PRs for their races. The JV team got 2nd place overall for girls and the Jr. team got 1st place overall for the girls!

What did you do this week?

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