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This was how I was getting work done this week. There’s been a lot of this. And a lot of busy and crazy and not a lot of us time. We were in need of some us time. Even with a great list of date night ideas that are different or even at home, sometimes we need something else.

Trying to get the work done

Mr. Serious and I had some date nights scheduled in August, but ending up having to cancel them and rearrange them. So this weekend, we finally got our date night. Actually we got two and I’m not sure how we will go back to an every day normal weekend!

Thanks to being a Braves blogger, we were invite out to a game and even got to get there early and attend batting practice. It was pretty cool to be on the field with the players and watch them hit pretty much every practice hit!

Braves batting practice

And, somebody even offered to snap a picture of us together which is kind of elusive these days!

date night at the ball park

It was refreshing to see so many players talking with kids and interacting with them. They signed autographs, talked to them about the game and were very humble.

date night at the baseball field

We walked around for a bit and Mr. Serious got be a kid and do some practice pitches. And then he realized he wasn’t a kid anymore and decided not do practice hits. It’s best to know your limits!

date night at the baseball field

We decided to head to the concessions to grab some food and drinks and watch everything else from our seat pretty much right behind home plate. It was so nice to be able to sit with each other, walk around and not have to worry about anybody but ourselves. I actually watched the game and cheered for things happening and watched them happen.

date night at the baseball field

Of course, this also meant that I was asking Mr. Serious 1000 completely obscure and irrelevant baseball questions. But, it also turns out, I know a couple things, too.

date night at the baseball field

After the game, we were invited onto the field to watch the fireworks. That’s a pretty special perk. Plus, we’ve never made it to the end of the game and fireworks with the kids. It ended up being around 11 before they started. But, we had to get a picture of us relaxing on the grass. Can we say tired faces? Those are the faces of two people that work pretty hard.

date night at the baseball field

But, we enjoyed the fireworks and had a really nice evening together. We definitely felt spoiled. And, we didn’t even check out like 90% of Turner Field. We’ll be back for one more game before they close out the last season there!

date night at the baseball field

There are some fun games coming up with added perks for people to check out, too.

  • Friday, September 16- Friday Night Fireworks, Hispanic Heritage Night
  • Saturday, September 17- Bobby Cox “Carried Off” Bobblehead Giveaway, Girl Scout Day, Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day, Kennesaw State Day
  • Sunday, September 18- Alumni Sunday, Bark in the Park, Boy Scout Day, Braves Builders Day, Brunch with the Braves, Faith Day with free Postgame Concert by Matthew West
  • Tuesday, September 27- Emoji Swanson Ticket Package, Revenge of the Bobbleheads
  • Thursday, September 29- Oktoberfest

Check out the exciting events happening for the Final Countdown at Turner Field in case you want to attend one of those games! This is a celebration for all fans in Braves Country to enjoy one last home stand at Turner Field and look forward to the future at SunTrust Park. Don’t miss the final boom, the final walk, the final run, the final pic and any of the final games.

When was the last time you were able to have a date night? What did you do?

What were you up to this week?

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