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I feel like the last month we have earned ourselves a frequent visitor card to urgent care and the pediatrician. Whatever this plague or virus is has done our girls in. With B having a fever for 10 days, and now the other 3 girls getting close to it, we are ready for everybody to be healthy again. 

Back at urgent care | The plague

Shockingly this visit was the fastest of our trips to urgent care (even though we “saved a spot” every time), so we came prepared. 

Back at urgent care | The plague

The terrible thing about this virus and fevers is they get worse as the day goes on. While we were waiting for our discharge papers (which just said to keep waiting, stay hydrated and get rest), the middle two girls gave in and rested. 

Back at urgent care | The plague

We are trying to get them to drink and rest and drink and rest, but this virus is so darn persistent.

If you need me, I’ll be refilling the humidifiers, putting Thieves in the diffuser and rubbing rub on their chests. 

I’m hoping your week is nothing like this and you are doing better than us!

What did you do this week?

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