Thanksgiving Juice Box Wrap Printable


Thanksgiving feels super early this year, which means, oh my goodness, Thanksgiving parties and celebrations and literacy week are happening next week! Instead of parents all trying to sign up for the same thing, our preschool sends us a letter with our assignment. I lucked out and got juice boxes assigned which couldn’t have been more perfect as Juicy Juice wanted to work together on a Thanksgiving recipe or craft sponsored post. I figured it was the perfect time to jazz up our juice boxes and make a Thanksgiving Juice Box Wrap Printable and share with you! I’m all about easy.

Thanksgiving Juice Box Wrap Printable

I took inspiration from these Leprechaun Juice Box wraps, but thought, let’s make this less cutting and pasting for parents and more quick, easy and still cute!

When I showed B, she thought they were the cutest little juice boxes ever, so in my mind, that’s a total win!

These are sized to fit on Juicy Juice 6.75oz boxes, but you could easily cut off more on the bottoms and sides if you need to make them smaller.

**PRO TIP** So the kids don’t have to rip off the paper to get to the straw, remove the straw first, then wrap with paper. Then slide the straw back into a space between the paper and the box. 

Hide the straw

Once printed, cut around the edges and use a piece of tape on the back. 

Thanksgiving turkey juice box wraps

Sassy Turkey Thanksgiving Just Box Wrap

I had a hard time deciding between two turkeys, so I did both. This turkey screamed a little sassy to me, so I went with that title. 

To use the sassy turkey, click on the picture and print the PDF, or click here to print from the link. Usually I do printables on card stock, but I think regular printer paper is a better option here because it’s easier to wrap about the juice box.  Thanksgiving Juice box wrap sassy turkey

Pilgrim Turkey Thanksgiving Juice Box Wrap

This Pilgrim Turkey Thanksgiving Juice Box Wrap is a little more traditional turkey style. Print him out, and this time, cut around the hat and at least the first feathers on either side and your wraps will have a little more texture and body to them. 

Thanksgiving Juice box wrap

Happy Turkey Juices

Cutting out these turkeys took less than 5 minutes with kids talking to me. It’s a very quick and easy way to make juice boxes a little more seasonal and festive for Thanksgiving. 

Thanksgiving turkey juice box wraps

B is so excited about them she keeps asking questions about them. And only once or twice has she called them chickens!

Thanksgiving Juice Box Wrap Printable

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  1. This is such a cute idea, I love this! A Thanksgiving juice box wrap is the perfect lunchbox surprise.

    1. I didn’t even think of putting it in lunches! So smart!

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